Best Crypto Casinos South Africa 2021

Welcome to our guide on how to find the best crypto casino South Africa sites. With the rise in popularity of crypto casino sites, it can be a tough ask to wade through the sea of new operators to find one that suits you.

Whether you are looking to find a casino that offers a diverse portfolio of all online casino games or you are strictly looking for the best Bitcoin casino games, our comparison tool will help you on your way.

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Compare the Best Crypto Casino Sites for South Africa

Bitstarz Casino Highlights
  • 50% reload bonus up to $300
  • Huge choice of casino games
  • 50% deposit offer for new players
Bitstarz Casino Review Visit Provider
Intertops Highlights
  • A choice of sign up bonuses
  • Over 300 games on offer
  • Ongoing promotions for players
UKGC - UK Gambling Commission
125% up to
Intertops Review Visit Provider

Who Should Make Use Of Crypto Casinos?

The real question here is, who wouldn’t want to make use of best crypto casino sites? There are a number of different reasons why people have taken so quickly to cryptocurrency casino sites. The anonymity factor plays a role as many people appreciate the additional online privacy. Crypto casinos also outshine their standard online casino counterparts as they generally don’t have any transaction fees. Not only that but your daily deposits and withdrawals will not likely have any limits on these crypto casinos.

So, with that in mind, it’s easy to see why so many online casino lovers have flocked to crypto casinos. Let’s get into more detail about what crypto casinos can offer you and how to find the best crypto casino that suits your needs. After reading this comparison you can go on to learn a little more about crypto trading on our site too, if that is something that interests you.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 Steps For A Secure & Fair Crypto Casino Experience

Generally speaking, you won’t find many more secure sites than cryptocurrency casino sites. However, we can’t in good conscience simply let each cryptocurrency casino off with a free pass on the basis that it “ought” to be safe. That is why our team here at makes sure to cover this every and any Bitcoin casino in the same uniform way to make sure they are 100% safe to use.

Crypto Casino Security

First and foremost, our main goal is to make sure that these crypto casinos are going to protect not only your sensitive data but your cryptocurrency as well. This will always be our first priority when reviewing these sites, so as to make sure our readers are signing up to a site that is safe to use.

In order to give these crypto casinos the green light, we comb through the operators’ terms and conditions and privacy policy. We don’t accept anything less but the most robust website security. This means the latest and greatest in SSL-encryption technology. This way we can safely inform you that your login information and banking details will be safe and sound with a particular Bitcoin casino.

But security doesn’t stop there because you don’t just want to be secure you also want to know that your online gambling experience is a fair one. We make sure that these crypto casinos are regularly testing the fairness of their games by bringing in independent third-parties to test the RNG. Much like eCORGA.

Lastly, and arguably the most important for players looking specifically to play Bitcoin games, is the implementation of cold storage. The best crypto casinos should all be using cold wallet storage to protect your accounts and your winnings. Cold storage keeps your crypto wallets offline and out of the hands of any potential hackers.

Customer Support

On a good day, your average online casino player is running into a least one question they need answered. So, when it comes to the best crypto casinos these operators’ need to have a professional and punctual customer service. While a Bitcoin casino and crypto casinos, in general, are not all that difficult to grasp once you get the hang of them, there will still be a learning curve. So, most importantly these customer service teams need to be on hand to assist those newer players as well.

Not only should the customer support team be friendly and good at what they do but there should also be more than one way to contact them. We check up on the different modes of contact available on these crypt casino sites and check whether they make their email address, phone number and a live chat feature readily available. We also love to see a nicely detailed FAQs section for those players looking to avoid the need to contact any support staff in the first place.

Game Portfolio

Look, most of the time online crypto casino players are joining a site with a particular game in mind that they would like to play. But what is the harm in adding a little more diversity into the mix? At we want to see how the best Bitcoin casino stacks up against its competitors in terms of the variety of games they offer. So, we don’t just want to see a strong selection of slots coupled with Bitcoin games but rather a strong selection of table games, slots, live casino games, Bitcoins and more.

This may not mean that much to every individual crypto casino player but these sites will catch a lot more fish by casting a wider net. So, we like to see that they are catering to more than just one type of crypto casino player. Check out our Intertops review to see what we mean about a wide range of options.

Payment Options

One of the keys to establishing a well-rounded crypto casino is by making sure there is enough diversity when it comes to available payment methods on the site. Like we mentioned in the previous section you may only be after one payment method in general but these sites still need to make sure there are enough options.

So, what do we look out for? We check to make sure that players have more than just one crypto payment option. While we always want to see a Bitcoin casino offer Bitcoin as a payment method we also like to see Litecoin thrown in there or even Tether. There are a lot of options for these crypto sites to use so we don’t like to see too limited of a spread. And while we love to see a strong selection of cryptocurrency payment methods, we also check to make sure there are enough options to make fiat money payments as well.

Lastly, we make sure to give you the rundown on what the processing times are like for both fiat currency and cryptocurrency payment methods. Furthermore, we let you know what the deposit and withdrawal maximums and minimums are. Aside from that, we also check to make sure there is sufficient security involved when making a crypto deposit or withdrawal such as a two-step authentication process.

Website Usability

At we really do cover just about every aspect of these crypto casino South Africa sites. One thing we cover at length is the look and general usability of these sites. Now, of course, no operator is trying to win a beauty pageant but their site does need to be somewhat appealing to the eye. We give you our honest opinion on what we think of these crypto site designs.

But looking good is only half of it. We need to make sure that the website itself has acceptable functionality to it. This means a couple of different things but namely that the website is laid out in an easily accessible way and that the pages load quickly. We give you our honest view on how well these crypto casinos function and how easy it is for you to navigate to different sections of the site.

Editor’s Recommendation – The Best Crypto Casino South Africa

Much like standard online casinos, there are more and more crypto casino operators popping up every other day. This can make the task of finding one that you think you might like but that is also safe to use, quite daunting. You can of course always consult our comparison tool on the website but for now, we want to give you our personal favourite cryptocurrency casino that we consider to be the best around at the moment.

Our editor’s recommendation is none other than BitStarz. BitStarz is an exciting online Bitcoin casino that in our opinion is streaks ahead of the competition. You will find a generous welcome bonus of 100% up to $2000 (or your currency equivalent) or 1BTC. Plus they throw in 180 free spins on top of that as well. You can then use your newfound welcome bonus on the abundance of different casino games available on the site. There are also a couple of different cryptocurrencies for you to choose from including Litecoin, Bitcoin and Tether.

There really are few crypto casino operators who are doing it quite as well as BitStarz at the moment. Should you feel like you are swamped with too many options this is honestly one of the best places you could kick off your crypto casino experience with. Check out our BitStarz review to find out more about this quality crypto casino site.

This Is How Our Experts Test Crypto Casino Providers

Right, we have given you the five most important steps when it comes to how we make sure these crypt casinos are safe to use. But what else should we take into consideration when testing these sites out? We take a measured approach to reviewing these sites that include a number of different criteria that we put these sites to the test with. Here are some of the ways that our experts test operators:

Welcome bonuses

There is nothing that says “welcome to your new crypto casino South Africa home” quite like a good welcome bonus. These welcome bonuses are a great way to attract new users to the site and help operators grow their player base. Our team will review the bonus offer in detail and give you the rundown on what the wagering requirements might be and how much time you have to complete them. We don’t want you getting tripped up by any of the fine print.

Website security

As we touched on in the previous section, there are few things as important as the security of the best Bitcoin casino. Our team will review the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy in excruciating detail, only to relay that back to you with the most important highlights and important details.

Payment methods

Of course, we will always let you know about the variety of different cryptocurrency payment methods available on these sites but we also expand on that to include the range of fiat payment methods as well. You’ll also learn exactly how long these transactions take to clear and what some of the transaction fees might be for each payment method.

Customer service

Professional and caring customer service is an absolute must when it comes to crypto casino South Africa sites. Our reviews will take you through our own personal experience in interacting with the customer support team and explain the different ways in which you can contact them yourselves.

Website functionality

Next up, we analyse the overall website functionality of these crypto casino sites to make sure they run smoothly and efficiently. We check how easy and how quickly payment transactions go through and how easy it is to find the information you are looking for on the site. All of this contributes to the general view we put together of the website functionality.

Range of casino games

Having a crypto casino that runs well is definitely very important, as is having a decent selection of payment methods. At the end of the day, people join the site because they want to play crypto casino games. Our cryptocurrency casino reviews do a deep dive into the sites Bitcoin games, table games, slots and live casino sections to see what kind of offering they have cooked up for their players. We then give you the rundown on who has provided the software for these games, as that generally gives you an indication of the quality of games on offer.

Mobile app availability

This is not generally a make or break for our crypto casino South Africa reviews but we do like to check and see whether the operator offers a mobile application for their site. At the very least, we like to check up on the compatibility of these sites on mobile phones. Many casino lovers enjoy betting and playing on the go, so while it may not be the end all and be all for our review it can influence the way potential players feel about a crypto casino site.

Rewards programs/Loyalty schemes

Something that should always be valued at least in some form by these crypto casino sites is loyalty. Oftentimes the best Bitcoin casino sites will have a loyalty program in place that gives frequent players the chance to earn rewards through the amount they play on the site. This is usually through a tiered system of points where the rewards increase the higher you climb. We make sure to include this in our review and to check on the overall quality of their loyalty programs.

Any extra betting options

After we have covered all things casino gaming and crypto gaming related we also like to check out if there are any additional options for things like poker, bingo or even sports betting. Many punters enjoy a healthy amount of diversity and like to dip their toe into most of the options available on the best Bitcoin casino sites. So, we make sure to touch on any of these additional features to let you know just how diverse some of these crypto casino South Africa sites are.

Finding The Right Crypto Casino Provider For You

There are a frightening number of new Bitcoin casino sites sprouting all the time. So, finding the best Bitcoin casino sites can be a little tricky or at least a pretty time consuming. We save you hours of scouring the internet with our comparison tool on our site. All you need to bring to the table is a couple of things you would like to see in your ideal operator.

When using our reviews and comparison tool you can easily find a couple of crypto casino sites that are going to match your criteria. So, what are you after? Quality over quantity in the games portfolio? Do you want some sports betting available to dabble in on the side? Whatever your preferences we will help you arrive at the destination that is the best Bitcoin casino site for you.

We can even help you to find the best crypto mining sites and crypto exchanges if you want to branch out into a more specialised approach to earning cryptocurrencies.

2 Ultimate Tips To Keep Your Crypto Winnings Safe

Whether you are on an absolute hot streak and the Bitcoin is pouring into your casino account or you are just winning small amounts incrementally, you need to keep it safe at all times. Now, you can fully invest your faith into the security of the best Bitcoin casino sites but quite frankly, it’s a good idea to at least take some responsibility into your own hands. Here are two things you can do to keep your hard-won cryptocurrency safe:

Using a VPN

This may seem like an odd suggestion but a VPN will help you to further encrypt your data and make interception of your cryptocurrency by hackers far less likely. The best way to go about this would be to set the VPN to another country that is also accepted by the Bitcoin casino site you are currently using. The VPN will help to obscure your IP address and thereby further secure the route that your crypto winnings take into your account.

No matter how much you trust the Bitcoin casino site you are using it is never a bad idea to take a few extra precautions against the worst-case scenarios. In this case, being hacked and having your coins stolen. Nothing wrong with leaning towards the safe side we always say.

Cold Wallet Storage

Another way for you to greatly increase the security of your crypto winnings is by storing it in your own cold wallet. It should be a norm now for most of these cryptocurrency casino sites to keep your account winnings in cold storage but the safest way for you to do it would be to withdraw your winnings and keep it in your own cold storage wallet.

There are a number of cold storage crypto wallets for you to choose from, check out some of our recommended crypto wallets on our site to give yourself a push in the right direction. Remember, do store your account winnings in cold storage but once you withdraw the crypto from that account you will need somewhere safe to put it. Essentially going from one safe space to another.

Conclusion – Finding The Best Crypto Casinos

Crypto casino South Africa sites have grown more and more in popularity, especially as more people try to get their hands on valuable crypto like Bitcoin and Tether. With so many new crypto casino sites opening up online, as well as the fairly tricky subject matter of understanding crypto, it’s now more than ever that you should be using our website to better understand where and how to start.

You can always come back to our site to use our comparison tool and read our reviews on all the latest crypto casino sites available in South Africa. We are constantly updating our ranking system as well with the new sites start up so it’s a good idea to check back with us to see these updates.

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