Best Crypto Gambling Sites USA 2021

There’s arguably no greater example of the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies. Not long ago, Bitcoin gambling sites seemed like an outlandish idea. Today, a crypto gambling site can stand toe-to-toe with the finest traditional options.

In fact, so overwhelming is the choice now available to those interested in everything from crypto mining to crypto casino options, that they might not know where to begin looking. We’re here to show you there’s no need to settle for less, and it begins right here, with our analysis of what makes the world’s best cryptocurrency gambling sites.

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Compare the Best Crypto Gambling Sites in the USA

Who should make use of our comparison?

Well, this comparison is really the crossover of two interests. This is, of course, for those who are interested in cryptocurrency exchanges or looking to buy cryptocurrency online. It’s also for people who want to bet online. As a crossover, these interests are especially well-suited for the crypto gambling USA market because there are generally more restrictions than Europe.

More specifically, this comparison is for people who want to make the most they can out of their gambling experience. To be clear, there’s now a very large selection of great crypto sites out there. If you’re reasonably discerning, you should find one which is at least good. However, we want to go a step further, and help you find the perfect crypto gambling site for you. To put it simply, if you want the absolute best crypto gambling USA can offer you, this is the place to start.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

Whether we’re talking about crypto reviews, the best Bitcoin wallets or the finest Bitcoin gambling sites, security is always our number one priority. That’s why here, we’re going to take you through five things we check to ensure those Bitcoin gambling sites – and indeed crypto sites in general – are secure before they get any kind of recommendation from us.

Check for license

One of the reasons some people are apprehensive about getting involved with a crypto site is that they imagine the level of scrutiny they’re under to be much lower than it is. The truth is that today, you can have the exact same expectations from crypto sites as you would any traditional option.

Indeed, they’re increasingly often one and the same. This means that a great way to check for security is to see if they hold a license. Now, while we’re talking about crypto gambling USA, any quality international license, like the one from the Malta Gaming Authority, is still relevant.

Research encryption details

Part of the reason crypto trading is so popular in general is that it allows for an additional level of security and privacy. However, it’s not the only consideration. You’ll want to check the site you’re using also utilises encryption technology to keep your data safe. Information for this should be readily available on the site. If not, don’t hesitate to ask customer services.

Get a sense of their reputation

One of the limitations of analysing the best crypto gambling sites is that our experience could differ from the norm. We could have a great customer service experience, while others have a poor one, for instance. That’s why checking out their reputation – through customer feedback, app reviews, forums and wherever possible – is vital to validating our experience.

Look through their terms and conditions

Something that’s as common in Bitcoin gambling sites as it is any traditional option is the need for terms and conditions. This is essentially where the site tells you what the rules are, from promotions to withdrawals. Reading through and analysing the fairness of these is vital to our understanding of the site.

Similar to this is the quality of the Help, FAQs and responsible gaming sections. These all provide a vital reflection of the site’s level of responsibility and attitude to its users.

Assess the quality of casino games

When we say quality in the sense of security, we’re not talking about our opinion of the graphics. We mean the reputation of the software developers, whether they can be trusted, and what reassurances we have that games are provably random and fair, such as through the use of random number generators.

You probably noticed that our security considerations are not unusual, and that’s typical for most elements of crypto gambling USA. Crypto gambling should mean you have more choice and are secure, but the fundamentals remain the same when choosing the best betting providers and online casinos.

Editor’s recommendation – the best crypto gambling site

One of the interesting things about our pick amongst the best crypto gambling sites is that it takes the best things about a traditional bookmaker, while making it accessible to cryptocurrency users. We’re talking of course, about the legendary Intertops.

They’ve been around for over 25 years online, showing that your top Bitcoin gambling sites are not only trustworthy, but up there with the most reputable on the net. Aside from Bitcoin, you can also use Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, so many of the most popular are covered. It has a great set of markets and promotions relevant to crypto gambling USA, plus tried and tested odds quality.

There are cryptocurrency gambling options more forward-thinking than this, but for sheer mainstream appeal – and the kind of site you could show a total newcomer to crypto gaming and have them understand its quality appeal – it’s one of the absolute best out there.

This is how our experts test operators

Now we’ve selected our editor’s pick for the finest crypto gambling USA option, you may be wondering what goes into that kind of choice. Furthermore, what goes into getting a recommendation from us generally? Here’s a breakdown of 10 key criteria we test, and how we do it, to ensure every single site we give the thumbs up to meets our high standards.


The only way to test registration is to do it ourselves. We sign up, making a note on how easy the process is, whether everything is clear and what efforts are made in regards to setting things like limits.


We’ve gone through our security check earlier in this article, so we won’t repeat ourselves here, but needless to say it’s our first port of call after we sign up.

Choice of cryptocurrencies

If you want to know what the best cryptocurrency sites are, you’ll need to know what cryptocurrency options are available. The more, the merrier but we do give credit to more mainstream and trusted options.

Banking experience

Beyond the choice, there’s the execution. Here, we’ll check out fees, transaction times and see if all that and their reputation is backed up by our experience depositing and withdrawing funds.

Sports market selection

Testing this is nice and simple: we check out the number of markets available and compare the variety and the odds to top competitors by converting the odds into percentages.

Casino game selection

Once again, part of this is simple research, including not only the games themselves but the software developers behind them. We also play the games ourselves to get a personal sense of their quality.

Site design

There are three key parts to design: the looks, structure and technical performance. The first is a matter of preference but the tests for the latter two points come down to using the site as much as possible and seeing how well things run, and how easy things are to find. We make notes of any difficulties, slowdown, broken links, etc. We also have the exact same standard for the mobile experience, with a little more attention paid to any additional interactive elements like fingerprint ID.

Live experience

Perhaps the ultimate test of the technical part of design is the live experience. Here, we’ll be utilising live streams and any live casino available to see not only how well it runs, but the general quality of the experience and detail involved. Speaking of detail, in the case of a sportsbook without live streaming, which is common, we’ll be checking out any graphics, stats, and other live alternatives. The amount of live markets, odds and features like cash out are also vital.


When it comes to promotions, we pay special atp terms and conditions like wagering requirements, time limits, minimum deposits, etc. Essentially, we want to translate what’s promised by the bookmaker and the reality when you get into the details.

Of course, this is about crypto gambling, so we’ll want to check out if they’re available there. Bitcoin gambling sites tend to be especially generous in that regard. Finally, we try them out ourselves to see if they back up everything we’ve read about.

Customer service

Checking out customer service actually begins in the Help and FAQ section. Whenever we have a question, we see if we can answer it there first because that’s a vital part to this service.

Of course, we also contact the team ourselves. The best crypto sites should not just have contact options broadly available – with an around the clock live chat function being optional – but should also have fast, friendly, expert service. Speed and quality of responses are paramount to our tests.

Finding the right crypto operator for you

So, we’ve talked a lot about the objective tests you can utilise to try and find the right crypto gambling options on an objective basis. That’s what our tests can do. Everything we can objectively test and say whether it’s good, bad – or somewhere inbetween – we will do whatever we can to provide the finest recommendations based on those tests.

However, remember how when we were talking about the design of a site, we said that it’s subjective? Well, that’s because there are a lot of things which come down to personal preference.

We’re looking for the finest crypto gambling USA has to offer. Beyond that though, there’s plenty which comes down to what you prefer, rather than what is objectively better. For instance, you could be looking for Bitcoin gambling sites and have no concern for other cryptocurrencies, or you may want a selection. You could be looking for a casino, sportsbook or both. You could want something with a bright, friendly design, or you may prefer late night Vegas vibes.

None of these are right or wrong and there are plenty of great crypto gambling options which are different but equally good. Make no mistake, some are just out and out bad, and some are simply better than others, but when we are talking about the elite of the crypto options world, that is often not the case.

What does all this mean? Well, it means this journey to find the best crypto gambling that the net has to offer for crypto gambling USA is a partnership. What we can do is provide recommendations for the best options out there, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide which is right for you and your betting preferences. So, stop thinking about which is the best, and start thinking about which is the best for you.

Most important sections of a crypto site

When discovering the ideal crypto gambling site for you, it all comes down to fun. After all, that’s what gambling should be all about, whether you’re using an innovative method like crypto coins or a more traditional payment option. That’s why our first point of call on any gambling site is the game and slot section.

Every person is different, with their own interests and preferences when it comes to games. We cover a wide selection of different titles and types, from slots to table games and more. Our in-depth reviews analyze every aspect, including their design and themes to their betting limits, ease of use and payout percentages. That way, you can rest assured that when you play a game recommended by us, you’re sure to have a fun and fair experience.

Another crucial element of any gambling site we cover is the promotions. Bonuses are often the first thing you will notice when you explore any new crypto site – or indeed, any betting operator in general. But it’s not enough to simply sound good: they have to stand up to our expert scrutiny too. In our bonus reviews, we dive deep into the terms and conditions, as well as assessing the overall creativity and value of their promotional selection, so you can see whether they’re worth your time.

Alongside all our reviews on various casino sites and analysis of payment methods like crypto coins, we also want to provide you with a useful guide. With our expert strategy articles, you can discover helpful advice to help you be more successful with your casino wagers. Fun should always be at the centre of your crypto gambling experience, but it can never hurt to understand a tip or two that could increase your winnings.

All of this goes into providing the best crypto gambling experience, and of course, there is no more important element than the sites themselves. The ultimate tip we have is to start with a strong foundation, and that means the right betting site for you.

The benefits of a modern crypto site

If you’ve been curious about Bitcoin gambling sites, or looking into crypto gambling USA options, you may be wondering if now is the right time. Well, that’s in part a personal thing, and is down to you. However, what we can say is there has never been a better time than right now.

Will things get better in the future? Almost certainly: every metric we have suggests consistent improvement and innovation. But there’s no need to wait. What’s available right now is an absolute haul of world-class options for you to choose from. Still not convinced that things are better than ever? Well, here’s five of our favourite benefits of utilising a modern crypto gambling operator.

Security and anonymity

Our first reason is actually one you can say about the use of cryptocurrencies generally. A huge reason so many people get involved with cryptocurrencies – aside from the investment opportunity – is how great they are for security and anonymity.

A lot of people take their online security, as they should, very seriously. Now, your personal level of comfort with different levels of security may vary, but it’s great that those who wish to be more cautious when gambling are able to do so. It’s not the only security consideration as we have discussed earlier, but it’s an important one.

Access to an international selection of casinos

If you’re a resident of the United States, you probably know how complicated the restrictions on gambling across various states can be. It means that often, people look for casino sites internationally. Now, to be absolutely clear, this does not mean you should be any less vigilant when it comes to things like licensing or legitimacy generally.

There’s tons of great international sites out there for you to choose from. And, there are even more if you decide that crypto betting is right for you. Some people wrongly believe that a Bitcoin betting site can still be considered niche. Not only is that not the truth, but it actually opens a lot more options for players from the United States. All that choice means more competition, more quality and more chances of finding the perfect fit for you.

Ease of use

Another common misconception is that cryptocurrencies are difficult to use or understand. That may have been the case at one point, but not anymore. When something goes mainstream like Bitcoin betting sites in particular have, it means that betting sites will do everything they can to make using them as simple as possible. After all, they want you to pick them over all the other options out there. And we would say that at this point, they have overwhelmingly succeeded. Using cryptocurrencies to bet, deposit and withdraw can be every bit as easy as using fiat options.

Exclusive promotions

One really cool innovation we’ve been seeing more and more of in the world of crypto sites is the use of exclusive promotions. Unfortunately, it’s often still the case that for whatever logical or indeed business reasons apply, not all promotions that are available for say, debit card, are necessarily available for cryptocurrencies.

As a solution to this, we have been seeing more and more operators provide bonuses aimed exclusively at cryptocurrency users, again bridging that gap between the traditional and more modern betting experience.

A mixture of fiat and crypto options

Vital to clear up is the entire misconception that something like a Bitcoin gambling sites and your high street bookmaker live in completely separate worlds. That is becoming less and less the case. While cryptocurrency and traditional gambling was once completely kept apart, there are now plenty of great options that allow you to utilise both. Our pick Intertops is one such example. More and more, it’s not about making a choice – it’s about getting the best of both worlds.

Conclusion: Your ideal crypto site is out there

There are lots of different things that go into making the finest ways to bet with cryptocurrency as great as they are. We hope we have made it clear that when it comes to betting with cryptocurrency, you never need to compromise. There are enough options out there to keep even the most discerning of bettor happy.

The pressure is on the operator to provide you with the right betting experience. They are the ones competing with what is now an army of competition. If one crypto gambling operator doesn’t suit you, then you can find one that does. Thanks to a steady uptake in cryptocurrency usage and application, there’s no longer any reason to settle for anything other than your perfect fit.

Crypto Gambling FAQ

✅Are crypto betting sites secure?

One of the biggest appeals of cryptocurrencies is the added security and anonymity they provide over traditional payment methods. However, when it comes to crypto betting sites, some people can feel a little unsure about how safe their funds are. At Bitreviews, we take your security extremely seriously and before we recommend any betting site, whether it’s a crypto one or not, we conduct a number of expert tests. Read our guide to discover how we analyse the security of betting sites in our reviews.

❓Why should I choose a crypto site over a traditional betting operator?

In the modern betting world, crypto betting sites haven’t just grown in popularity but now often cater to those using more traditional payment methods too. That means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, you may be unsure of the benefits of using a cryptocurrency to wager with. Well, there’s a number of advantages to this, including increased anonymity, exclusive promotions and more. Read on at BitReviews to learn more about the benefits of crypto betting and discover how to find your ideal operator.

💰Are promotions available at crypto betting sites?

Promotions provide online operators with an excellent way to attract new customers. Crypto betting sites are no exception to this. As always though, it’s not enough to simply have a generous sounding promotion slapped across your homepage. We also expect crypto betting promotions to have fair terms and conditions. We want to see a selection of creative bonuses that offer real value to customers, both new and existing. We’ll take you through how we check all this and more here with our crypto trading and betting guides.

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