Best Crypto Casinos USA 2021

Offering a fairer and more transparent approach, blockchain technology has started to disrupt the online gambling industry.

Whether you are new to USA crypto casinos looking to find out the basics, or a crypto casino veteran who just wants to know where the best games are, this review will provide you with an expert insight on how to keep your funds safe, ensure you are crypto gambling responsibly, who we feel USA’s best crypto casinos are and much, much more.

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Compare the Best Crypto Casinos in the USA

 What Are Crypto Casinos?

The crypto market’s uncertainty can cause even the most well thought out trades to become volatile, resulting in severe gains or losses. However, we view calculated risk, backed by research and a genuine belief that an ICO is a worthwhile cause, as a slightly different approach to “putting it all on black”.

Following a similar approach to traditional casinos, crypto casinos are a way for holders of Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies to place bets on luck-based games in order to increase their assets. A typical example of this includes roulette, a game where players select a colour, number, or numbers between 1 and 36. A ball is then placed into a revolving wheel, and whichever number/colour the ball lands on is the winner.

The main difference between traditional and crypto casinos is the peer-to-peer transaction technology. Cryptocurrencies are nearly anonymous transactions sent directly from a customer to the casino, meaning any regulations can be bypassed – authorities simply have no way of regulating or enforcing them.

This may seem a little crooked; however, the peer-to-peer approach ensures that the casino has validated each transaction before the bet is concluded. On the blockchain, a transaction is unable to be altered meaning regardless of the outcome; the casino operator cannot cheat you.

The customer can also check their transaction status at any moment, further confirming if a casino is fair to use.

The only danger stems from depositing your cryptocurrency into a casino that is not provably fair. If you come from a crypto trading or crypto mining background you will be familiar with the term “Do not trust, verify” and that saying is no different in the crypto casino world. Thankfully, we have done a lot of the hard work for you, relaying the key attributes to look out for when selecting the best bitcoin casino.

Of course, it is not all about the customer. Crypto casinos get to be their own bank, resulting in less fees and less fraud.

Why Choose a Crypto Casino?

If you are already trading on an exchange, you will fully understand the depth of research, analysis and understanding needed to be consistently successful. Crypto casinos are an excellent way for US residents to take the stress out of crypto and enjoy some luck-based entertainment. When used sensibly and responsibly, casinos can be a great source of fun and, potentially, some extra income.

Below are five of the main reasons why we recommend crypto casinos:


Online casinos are slowly becoming more popular than their physical counterparts and, in the current climate, it is easy to see why. Signing up to traditional casinos involves making your personal data vulnerable. You will likely be asked to share your name, age, identification, provide proof of residence and banking information. Crypto casinos are based on a decentralised blockchain making your transaction traceable, but fully anonymous.

Provably Fair

This may be a new term for some of you, but Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-based games offer a provably fair chance to all of its players. This enhanced level of security means there is no way a crypto casino site could cheat any of its users. A bitcoin casino will use a random number generator (RNG) to decide the outcome of a bet, which is then further hashed with a secret number generated via an algorithm. This secret number is then hashed, resulting in a ‘fingerprint,’ which is entirely unique and cannot be altered.

Security and ease of use

The underlying technology of the blockchain provides a safe and fairer approach to gambling. When you deposit your funds, a record is kept, making it very difficult for the recipient to disappear with your money. The use of an online wallet (discussed later), makes the payment and withdrawal process a lot easier too, with lots of online casinos offering a no minimum deposit requirement.

Range of games

Although most users will join a crypto casino site with a preferred game in mind, it is worth noting that the range of games available is just as extensive as traditional online casinos. Expect to find table games, slots, sports betting & live casino games, each with their own unique crypto spin on them. It is also worth noting that the best bitcoin casinos also have dice games on offer.

 Bonuses schemes

Generally speaking, you will not find quite as many bonus schemes and offers within the crypto world. This is predominantly due to the sites providing a fairer approach to gambling and a higher win percentage than your traditional casino. However, that is not to say they aren’t out there. Whilst diving deeper into crypto casinos, we found plenty of bonus schemes offering in excess of 100% of your deposit value!

Top 5 Steps For A Secure & Fair Crypto Casino Experience

Before we discuss our picks on who we believe to be the best crypto casinos in the US, we want to dive deeper into our expectations and what key attributes your bitcoin casino must hold for it to be deemed trustworthy, usable and enjoyable.

Check that your chosen casino is licensed

It is worth mentioning that the legality of a crypto casino is determined by the laws of the country you’re playing in, not the country you live in. For example, you could be playing from the USA; however, the rules surrounding crypto gambling are based around Estonian laws, where the casino is based.

In the US, providing you are living within one of the 48 states that allow gambling, you will be able to bet with Bitcoin online wherever you choose. However, it is unfortunate that due to regulations and taxation purposes, most crypto casinos prefer not to offer their services to US customers.

Check the crypto casino is secure

When figuring out if a casino is right for you, your first thought should always be security. As a rule, you won’t find many more secure sites than cryptocurrency casino sites. The best way to cement this is by checking if the casino is licensed. Most reputable crypto casinos will have a link to their licensing certificate on their homepage. If not, you can always check the “about us” page or get in contact with them directly.

Suppose your chosen Bitcoin casino holds a license. In that case, it gives you, the customer, a certain degree of power, if you find out the casino has been cheating you of money (unexplained fees, not honouring their bonus scheme, holding withdrawals etc.).

What is the customer support like?

If you are new to the US crypto casino scene, I’m sure there will be an array of questions that you will be looking to ask. Hopefully, we have helped to clear a few of them up, but if you have a particular query with your chosen online casino going forward, you need to ensure your questions are dealt with in a quick, efficient and professional manner.

Are you able to contact the casino directly by telephone? What sort of hold time are you experiencing? Are the customer service reps knowledgeable and friendly? Remember, these are your assets you are using, and you cannot put your assets into a site that does not take your queries seriously.

Is there a facility to live chat, or can you email? How long are you waiting for a response? Is there a dedicated FAQ page? If a crypto casino can tick all of these boxes, then we would suggest you are in the hands of a solid, secure and safe casino team.

Do your research beforehand

You can also research into the casino community, using social media, Reddit forums and telegraph chat groups. These are all great ways to get real-life experiences and knowledge of how the best bitcoin casinos treat their customers.

How easy is the site to navigate?

From friendly staffing, we move swiftly to being user-friendly. How easy is your chosen platform to navigate? Having access to your account funds in less than a few clicks and being able to deposit, withdraw or place a bet at the click of a button is crucial when we look at customer useability. Although looking presentable and easy navigation may not be as big a concern as security and licensing, we do believe it is an excellent way to judge a bitcoin casino. If nothing else, it shows that customer satisfaction is a priority, and genuine thought has gone into the layout, design and enjoyment of your casino usage.

Depositing and Withdrawing Your Funds – Check for hidden fees and withdrawal limits

As previously mentioned, the ability to quickly and efficiently deposit or withdraw funds makes for a great user experience. Having a nice evening of playing roulette or blackjack should not be ruined by unnecessary complications, or hidden fees, that arise when you come to withdraw your assets.

Below, we take a closer look at depositing and withdrawing funds, particularly the depositing methods we like to see from a casino and how best to store any winnings.

Deposit Methods

Crypto casinos, often referred to as Bitcoin casinos, will always use Bitcoin as a preferred payment and withdrawal method (no shocks there). However, for those of you who aren’t trading or investing in Bitcoin, it could be off-putting to trade your chosen currency against Bitcoin to play some dice.

So, can you use other currencies to deposit and withdraw? Whilst researching into crypto casino USA market, we found it is very much casino-dependent.

As the name suggests, Bitcoin only casinos will only accept Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method. Those looking to open a Bitcoin-only account will need to ensure they have a BTC wallet to transfer funds and (hopefully) receive your winnings.

Bitcoin-friendly casinos accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and other cryptocurrencies.

When creating our list of ‘The Best crypto Casinos US’, we liked to see various payment methods including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and some fiat options. The variety of payment methods generates more traffic to a casino and seems more user-friendly.

As a last note, be sure to check deposit limits and deposit fees before submitting any sort of payment – this also goes for those on the search for the best betting providers who accept crypto.

Withdrawal Methods

Firstly, similar to minimum deposits, most online bitcoin casinos will have a minimum withdrawal amount, please ensure you are happy with all fees, limits and methods before signing up.

Now, we cannot discuss withdrawal methods without discussing crypto wallets. A crypto wallet is your personal storage software for holding on to your assets. This can be done through a desktop/mobile wallet, a hardware wallet, the casino will also have the option for you to store it with them, as do most exchanges.

A desktop/mobile wallet could be described as a hot wallet, meaning that it is easier to access and send/receive funds as it is already connected to the internet. Due to internet hacks, it is deemed a slightly less secure approach, but could be advisable to use during your time on the crypto casino due to the speed of transactions.

Cold wallets are stored offline and are hack resistant. The hardware wallet would fall under this category as it is an external storage device, similar to a USB, that allows for the transfer of cryptocurrencies.

Long-term, we would advise using a cold wallet to store all assets. Casinos will often have their own form of cold storage on-site, and these are appropriate to use until you have finished betting. At which point, you can withdraw directly from the casino to your preferred wallet.

Editor’s Recommendation – The Best Crypto Casinos USA

With the advancement in technology and the development of cryptocurrencies, it was only a matter of time before traditional casinos evolved into online casinos and online casinos evolved into crypto casinos. The risks remain the same, and it is important that we mention how important it is to gamble responsibly.

We have equipped you with enough knowledge to comfortably complete your own research; however, we also promised to share with you our findings on who we believe to be the best crypto casinos in the US.

Bitcoin Casino

Joining Bitcoin Casino secures a very generous bonus offer, matching your first deposit of up to 1 BTC and 50% on your subsequent two deposits. Although gambling is done in Bitcoin, you are able to deposit Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum amongst other popular cryptocurrencies. A similar selection of cryptocurrencies are available when you come to withdraw your winnings. Bitcoin Casino offers provably fair games, claiming that pay-outs, deposits and withdrawals are all instantaneous.

The casino features various slot games, including roulette, poker and table games, with 30% daily reload bonuses and 50% for weekend users. Offering 24-hour customer support and complete user anonymity, Bitcoin Casino secures its position on our list of top crypto casinos.

Bitcoin Penguin

We could describe Bitcoin Penguin as the host with most, offering well over 400 provably fair games. The sign-up process is straightforward and open to players from the US as well as many other countries. Your first deposit will be matched in entirety, up to 0.2 BTC, as well as receiving 25 free spins upon completion of registration. Some of the industry’s biggest names developed Bitcoin Penguins games, including Betsoft, Amatic and Softswiss.

These games include slots, poker, blackjack, roulette and more. When depositing into your Bitcoin Penguin account, be aware that they accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

24VIP Casino

A simple way to lure in some new users is by offering them a staggering 275% Bitcoin bonus (max bonus is $2750). The casino is ready and waiting for US residents who are looking to try their luck on a variety of slot games, live casino, poker and other games. Game providers include Rival, Saucify, Vivo Gaming and Spinomenal. You can make deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin, your credit card and other payment methods. Although the casino is licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming, the website does not mention that it is provably fair.

Anonymous Casino

Allowing players to use both Bitcoin and Litecoin to gamble completely anonymously, the casino only requires a new user to sign up with an email address. Home to popular games like bingo, video poker and roulette. However, that’s not all, the crypto casino hosts traditional table games streamed from live casinos too! Anonymous has provably fair games, and its providers include Evolution Gaming, Habanero and Bet Soft.

The two crypto casinos below are currently unavailable in the US. However, when researching the top crypto casinos, it is impossible not to give them an honorary mention, due to their completeness.


Bitstarz is “The Bellagio Resort” of the crypto casino world, without doubt, the most popular Bitcoin casino on the market. Offering over 2,000 games, this casino is provably fair and regulated by the Curacao government. The only downside is that it does not offer a sportsbook feature (yet), meaning you are unable to bet on any sporting events. Customer support is available through various mediums including email, live chat and social media.

You can deposit a wide range of assets including Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin and various other methods. Accessible throughout the world, this easy-to-use platform will be the benchmark for all future crypto casinos.


Cloudbet is one of few online crypto casinos that hosts a live casino, giving you the real-life experience, as well as providing roulette, blackjack and baccarat. CloudBet continues to excel in its variety by offering live sports betting that covers all major soccer leagues, NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, boxing, darts and tennis. The online casino is provably fair and is licensed by E-Gambling Montenegro.

As well as accepting Bitcoin and USDT, you can deposit, withdraw and bet in Ethereum. All Bitcoin deposits are received directly into the casinos’ cold storage with keys that are kept offline, away from potential threats. Cloudbet also has an online hot wallet holding enough funds to process user withdrawals, to ensure transactions are processed quickly.

 Conclusion – A little research goes a long way

Once considered controversial assets, cryptocurrencies have come a very long way indeed. Many people would now view Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the future of money and, as popularity increases, it is unsurprising that more crypto casinos are popping up on the market.

Overall, crypto casinos offer minimal joining fees, high security, preferable bonus schemes, various deposit and withdrawal methods as well as privacy, and they are still so early in their development.

Above, we have highlighted the main things to consider when choosing your crypto casino. We hope you can use some of the advice and resources in this review to help make your decision.

To summarise, our best advice would be to research and find a secure, reputable casino with a good bonus scheme, gamble responsibly and most importantly, have fun. If you feel that the risk may not be worth the reward, we suggest looking at our crypto reviews of crypto exchanges instead.

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