The Best Crypto Reviews USA 2021 - Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms and Crypto Gambling Sites

Looking to buy Bitcoin or trade other cryptocurrencies? We can help with that. This is because our site is packed with crypto reviews of the top trading sites in the US. Perfect for taking your trades to the next level.

If you want to buy or sell crypto USA has lots of different options. But we believe that you should use the best crypto platform USA has at the moment. So take a look below to see the best ways to use BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and much more!

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Price Ticker - See the latest crypto USA prices

We don’t just offer crypto reviews of the best trading sites. Just take a look below and you’ll see the current trading prices of the biggest and best cryptocurrencies. This is important as even the best cryptos are infamous for soaring skywards one minute and then sinking like a stone the next. But our price ticker gives you a quick and easy way to keep tabs on your preferred crypto.

Don’t forget to check other handy information like the overall market cap, the recent price change and price graph that covers the previous 24 hours. Once you’ve got a good understanding of the price movements, you can simply go to the best crypto platform USA has for trading and make your investment.

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Best Crypto Trading Sites - Read our crypto reviews

Best US Brokers

If you’re looking for cryptocurrency platforms USA has lots of top options. While this is great news, it does mean that you face the problem of not knowing which crypto trading site to use. After all, while many trading sites look the same, they can work in surprisingly different ways. Some sites let you buy Bitcoin outright, while other sites will only let you trade on the value of such cryptocurrencies. Plus there can be a wide variation in transaction fees and so on.

So this is why we’ve taken the time to create some comprehensive crypto reviews. These will detail exactly what kinds of cryptocurrencies you can buy and sell at these sites. You’ll see whether you can trade top cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, LiteCoin, Bitcoin Cash and much more. Our crypto reviews will also take a close look at how safe these trading sites are.

  • Service
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread
1 %
eToro Review Visit Provider
Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread
Coinbase Review Visit Provider
Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread
Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread
1,25 %
Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread
Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread

Crypto & Online Broker of the Month

Each month we’ll reveal which crypto broker has been putting on an exceptional service. This will be the broker that gives you a legal, safe and easy way to trade on the value of top cryptos like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and much more. In fact, you may also be able to try trades on stocks, CFDs, ETFs, indices, currencies and commodities at such sites.

Our crypto broker of the month will obviously be fully regulated in the USA. This means that you won’t have to worry about questions like ‘Is cryptocurrency legal?’, but can instead just get on with making your trades.

So take a look at our recommended broker and see how this site has put the competition to shame. Don’t forget that we’ll be updating our featured broker on a monthly basis so that you always get fresh inspiration for your crypto trades.

Bookmaker Comparison - Use the top crypto platform USA has for betting

One of the best things about the crypto USA revolution has been the growth of betting sites that now take cryptocurrency payments. The timing of this couldn’t have been better. This is because the USA is in the middle of a massive deregulation of sports betting across several states. So we’ve made it our mission to show you the best crypto platform USA has for sports betting.

This is great news as cryptos would allow you to make near-instant deposits so that you don’t miss out on that big sports bet. Plus you’ll also be able to receive your withdrawals much faster at a crypto betting site. Don’t forget that crypto payments won’t show up on your bank statement either.

All of which means that crypto betting sites are definitely here to stay.


Best Crypto Wallets - Find the best wallet for crypto USA has to offer

Best Bitcoin Wallets

You’ll need a wallet to use cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a crypto sportsbook or a crypto trading site, as you’ll need a way to keep your cryptocurrencies safe and secure. So this is why we have carried out some comprehensive crypto reviews of the best wallets currently available. This means that you’ll get to see exactly how each wallet works and how it will keep your cryptos safe.

Finding the Best Crypto Mining Operators - More ways to earn your crypto USA

We’ve prepared a handy guide that helps you see what crypto mining is all about. Crypto mining offers you a fairly reliable way to earn cryptocurrencies. It simply requires you to use your computer to perform the complex calculations needed to verify crypto transactions and add them to the blockchain. This means that you won’t have to speculate like your would at a crypto trading site. Plus you won’t be relying on luck like you would at a crypto casino.

However, it’s worth noting that crypto mining isn’t necessarily easy. The successful mining of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin requires a lot of processing power. This means that you might not get much of a profit compared to the amount of time you put into it. Despite this, other cryptos like Ether can be a little more profitable to mine. So be sure to check out our guide to crypto mining for more about this.

Finding the Best Crypto Wallet

There is usually some trade-off between convenience and security. For example, some wallets will only work in conjunction with some kind of hardware. However, other wallets can quickly be used on any computer or mobile device.

But all good wallets should be able to do the essential job of looking after the private keys of your cryptocurrencies. Here are the main kinds of crypto wallet that we’ll be reviewing.

Hard wallets – These feature a physical piece of kit that you use to input your PIN number to access your cryptos. This will normally be connected to your computer by a USB cable. As such, there will be no way that a hacker will be able to access your private keys.

Software wallets – Some wallets are simply software that you download to your computer or mobile device. These offer a good amount of security and they are convenient to use too.

Web wallets – These offer the greatest amount of convenience as you can simply manage your cryptocurrencies from your web browser. However, the lack of security makes web wallets susceptible to hacking attempts.

We Understand All Aspects of Cryptocurrencies – Get to know crypto USA

The internet is unfortunately full of misleading information about cryptocurrencies. As such, it can be hard to find out even the most basic information about cryptos. This is why we have worked hard to give you the facts about this exciting new phenomenon. So take a look below to learn more about the basics of using cryptocurrencies.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency, or a crypto, is simply a digital asset that represents a currency. This can be used as a medium of exchange. As a result, you can use a crypto currency to buy goods or services, or receive cryptocurrencies as payment. You can even trade some cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies.

Are cryptocurrencies safe?

Yes, because cryptocurrencies use a strong kind of cryptography that is used to secure each financial transaction. The cryptography also controls whether any additional units of the crypto will be created.

Yes, the use of cryptocurrencies is legal in the USA. Bear in mind that all crypto trading sites, sportsbooks and casinos will have to have all of the necessary licensing and regulation to operate.

What is a blockchain?

This is a kind of public database that acts as a record of each financial transaction of a cryptocurrency. This offers a decentralized system of control as opposed to traditional payment methods that are organized by governments, banks and financial institutions.

Different Types of Crypto Platform USA Has at the Moment

By picking up a crypto USA residents can look forward to using it in many different ways. Not only can you use the likes of Bitcoin to buy goods anywhere from Starbucks to Home Depot, but you can use cryptocurrencies to earn more cryptos. Here are some of the most popular ways to do so.

Crypto Trading – Trade crypto USA-style

Here you get to trade on the price movements of hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. These include the likes of Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and much more. The trading site may also let you trade cryptos against currencies like USD, or even commodities such as gold. Remember that some crypto trading sites won’t let you buy the actual cryptocurrency itself, but instead you’ll be speculating on whether its price rises or falls. Here are the main things that you may be able to buy and sell at all good crypto trading sites.

  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH and more
  • Forex: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD etc…
  • Stocks: Such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet
  • Other: ETFs, CFDs, indices, futures, commodities

Crypto Mining – Earn your crypto USA

You don’t have to be an expert in cryptocurrencies to benefit from crypto mining. Instead, you’ll get your computer to do all of the hard work for you. By crunching though some complicated calculations, your computer will verify transactions to add them to a blockchain. In turn you’ll earn cryptocurrencies for your computer’s hard work. Bear in mind that it might take plenty of processing power to make crypto mining profitable. But it can be more reliable than spinning the slot reels at a crypto casino.

Crypto Gambling – The top crypto platform USA has for betting and gaming

This is probably the most fun way to use your cryptocurrencies. You’ll be able to make a deposit with a crypto at a gambling site that will go on to fund your bets. This means that you’ll effectively be betting with cryptos on major sports like football, basketball, hockey and baseball. Plus your cryptocurrencies could be used as stakes for legendary casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack and poker. All of this is great news as these crypto gambling sites will also be much quicker at paying you back your winnings. Here are the kinds of things that you can bet on at the best crypto platform USA has for gambling.

  • Sports betting: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS
  • Casino games: Slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, craps
  • Other games: Virtual sports, live dealer games

We Bring Transparency Into the Crypto World – Trust our crypto reviews

You’ll probably know that there’s a lot of hype about cryptocurrencies. This isn’t too surprising as cryptos are hugely exciting and they have been with us for little over a decade. Unfortunately this means that cryptos are particularly prone to scams. So we’ve made it our mission to give you a safest and honest way to benefit from the cryptocurrency revolution.

This is something that can be seen in our crypto reviews. All of these offer you an honest and accurate picture of what it’s really like to use anything from a crypto broker to a Bitcoin casino. Just so you know, we are completely independent from each crypto platform that we review. The only way that a crypto site is going to get a good review from us is if it puts on a decent service. Everything you need to know what you’re getting from every crypto platform USA has at the moment.

Tips & Tricks For Beginners – The best ways to use crypto USA

The world of cryptocurrencies is almost like a universe within itself. After all, there is so much jargon to learn. Despite this, we think that everybody can enjoy using cryptocurrencies. Here are some handy hints to get you started.

Learn how each major crypto works

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there. From DogeCoin to Monero, Dash to Cardano, there’s plenty to consider. However, you don’t necessarily have to know the inner workings of each cryptocurrency. Instead focus on those major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Doing so would mean that you’d know the pros and cons of each crypto and understand how well it will do on the trading floors. Plus you’ll see how likely it is to be able to deposit with one of these cryptocurrencies at your preferred crypto casino or sportsbook.

Realise how volatile cryptocurrencies are

Many people get into cryptocurrency trading as a result of how volatile these cryptos are. After all, the price of something like Bitcoin has been shown to reach some soaring highs in a very short amount of time. But it’s important to note that the value of cryptos can plummet equally quickly. This means that the value of your cryptocurrencies could effectively be halved overnight. As a result, that crypto casino gaming session that you were planning may have to wait. But as long as you realise how volatile cryptos are, you’ll know to never rely on them too much. After all, most people will put a long term investment in gold due to the stability of the commodity’s price.

Get to grips with blockchain

It’s also a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of how blockchain technology works. After all, this is a central part of cryptocurrency technology. You won’t need to be a computer scientist and won’t have to be able to explain what a segregated witness soft fork is. As long as you understand how cryptocurrencies work, you’ll know which cryptos to trade in, and which to leave alone.

Understand that not every crypto succeeds

It’s important to note that not every cryptocurrency will last as long as Bitcoin. Even Bitcoin itself saw its price effectively halved just a handful of years ago. Plus the Ethereum network was almost brought to its knees due to a hacking attempt. As such, it’s a good idea to not place all of your faith in one particular cryptocurrency. Plus it’s worth noting that many companies associated with cryptos are start-ups, and as such they might be here today and gone tomorrow. All of which means that you should be careful about investing too much of your time and money into the fickle world of cryptocurrencies.

Stay in it for the long term

You’ll know that the price of a cryptocurrency can rise and fall dramatically in a single 24-hour period. As such, it can be hard to know when the right time is to buy or sell your crypto stake. The key thing to remember is that the majority of cryptos have shown sustained gains over the long-term. The value of Bitcoin is now unrecognizable as to when it came into existence just over a decade ago. Plus even something like Bitcoin Cash has shown a decent rise in its market cap value in just a handful of years. So don’t fall into the trap of trying to get a big gain out of a short-term investment.

How to Find a Good Broker to Buy Crypto? – Read our crypto reviews

All crypto brokers will say that they give you a legal, safe and easy way to trade on the value of cryptocurrencies. However, it’s worth noting that the quality of service you get can vary wildly between different crypto brokers. Our crypto broker reviews will always give you an honest and accurate picture of what it’s really like to use these brand’s services. Here are just some of the things that we look for in any cryptocurrency broker.

Trading options

You should be able to trade on all major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether, XRP and so on. Most decent brokers will feature over 100 cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens. Other trading options should include currencies, stocks and commodities. All of which should help you build up a nicely diversified investment portfolio. After all, you don’t want to be relying on the volatility of cryptos too much.


All crypto brokers, trading sites and exchanges will be subject to the same laws as those dealing in fiat currencies. This means that they will have to be registered as a Money Services Business. Each company should also be able to prove that it offers a safe and fair service. Plus we will check that every crypto broker featured here as a completely encrypted website. This would mean that your data and funds wouldn’t fall foul of any hacking attempts.


We would only recommend using those crypto brokers that are registered as businesses in the USA. This is because they would be duty-bound to operate by the Money Services Business regulation. As such, you would be given a trading service that was covered by all of the relevant US laws. A crypto broker’s website will usually give you the exact physical location of its offices.


All crypto brokers will include fees on things like the transactions you make. This is how these brokers stay in business. Such fees shouldn’t be too excessive and they should all be clearly outlined in the terms and conditions of the broker’s service. Some brokers will even put on special offers. These will sometimes allow you to bypass such commission fees.

Payment methods

Finally, you should always be able to fund your trading in US dollars at all good crypto broker sites. You might have to make a deposit either from your card or make a bank transfer to get started. But it should always be handled in a secure and transparent manner. Remember that if anything about a broker’s website looks suspect, then it’s best to leave it alone. After all, there are plenty of decent crypto brokers out there.

Crypto Reviews FAQ

❓How can I trust a crypto exchange?

There are many different trust factors that you should look for before you sign up to a crypto exchange. After all, crypto trading requires you to make deposits and provide some personal information at these sites. So this is why all of our crypto reviews spend plenty of time in examining exactly how safe these trading sites are to use.

🎰 Is it legal to use a crypto USA casino?

You’ll probably already know that the US has pretty complicated laws regarding casino gaming. Things don’t get any clearer when it comes to using a crypto casino site. So this is why we have taken the time to show you which casino sites let you deposit in a crypto USA customers can legally use. The perfect way to play slots and table games with peace of mind.

👀 What is the crypto regulation US?

Like most countries, the US was quick to try and implement laws that governed the use of new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, many of these laws have been slow to keep up with the rapid development of cryptocurrencies. Our guide will reveal the current cryptocurrency regulations USA has at the moment. These cover everything from crypto gambling to trading.

🏅What is the best US cryptocurrency to invest in?

There are currently well over 100 quality cryptocurrencies out there. As such, there is plenty of debate about the best cryptocurrency to invest in. So we’ve taken a close look at all top cryptos like BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC. This will help you see which crypto could work best for your trades. Plus we’ll even reveal the best crypto platform USA currently has for trading.

💵What is the best crypto wallet?

We have seen plenty of excellent wallets that do a great job of keeping your cryptocurrencies safe and secure. However, there can be a wide variety of ways in which these wallets do this task. All of this is covered in our crypto reviews of the current range wallets in the US. The perfect way to find the best crypto wallets so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your cryptocurrencies.

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