Best Crypto Trading Platforms UK 2021

With all the craze surrounding crypto trading and the wide-scale application that it possesses, we’ve rounded up the best of cryptocurrency trading platforms in the UK by way of our latest comparison.

Find out all you need to know about the best crypto trading platform UK – from which platforms offer the biggest selection of crypto trading options to the best spreads and low account fees. Use our comparison to find a crypto trading platform UK that caters to all your crypto trading preferences.

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Compare the Best Crypto Trading Platforms in the UK

Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread
0,01 %
FXOpen Review Visit Site
Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread
1 %
eToro Review Visit Site
Minimum Deposit
Deposit Protection
Amount of Currencies
BTC/USD Spread
XTB Review Visit Site

Who Should Make Use Of Our Crypto Trading Platforms Comparison?

In the face of an ever-increasing move toward cryptocurrencies, we have been spurred on to bring you a comprehensive comparison of the best trading platforms on offer from cryptocurrency brokers. The comparison will allow you to find the best crypto trading platform UK and enable you to put those crypto wallets into action.

There are a significant number of online trading platforms that continue to emerge on the internet. As such, we find that it becomes a daunting task having to figure out which trading platform is best. This is especially true for newcomers to online trading. Not only does our crypto trading UK comparison allow you to quickly identify key areas of importance and help you in finding the best trading platform, but it gives you the ability to critically analyse future online trading platforms on your own.

For experienced traders, our comparison of the best crypto trading platform UK is a chance to find a new crypto broker who is pushing the envelope in terms of innovative online trading features and surpassing modern standards of customer service and platform functionality. Although the grass is not always greener, it is definitely a good idea to have options up your sleeve – if you ever come to the point where you may wish to make a change.

Top5 Expert Tips To Ensure Safe Crypto Trading Experience

Our comparison usually follows a number of steps that enable us to ensure a safe crypto trading experience. These steps can be applied by anyone and is a great starting point when looking to engage in transparent and fair online trading. Apply these steps when assessing an online trading platform or even the best Bitcoin casino.

Authorised to offer financial services

When it comes to the best crypto trading UK platform, you’ll find that it is authorised and regulated to offer online financial services. You certainly do not want to make use of a platform that is not authorised to offer complex trading services. Not only might the platform be incapable of facilitating trading activities, but you might fall victim to unscrupulous practices. Keep an eye out for those platforms that are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in Great Britain. This will ensure a safe online trading environment on the relevant platform.

Platform security

As far as online trading platforms go, they must have the necessary security features in place to protect customer’s funds and personal details. These online trading platforms facilitate trading on a wide scale – meaning millions of pounds pass through these platforms on a constant basis. Without the necessary security oversight, it becomes much easier for hackers to access these funds and manipulate accounts so as to steal customer’s money. Our featured trading platforms, such as our XTB review, outlines the security protocols they have implemented.

Efficient customer support

Without a customer support team that is willing and able to resolve issues and rectify any technical discrepancies, an online trading platform will fall flat on its face. This is why we urge you to make use of a trading platform that is well-known for its customer support and ability to ensure satisfaction across the board. It’s important to look out for a variety of contact methods and whether the trading platform is available on weekends. Crypto trading doesn’t stop, unlike conventional trading over the weekend, so it is important to identify support lines that are open on a constant basis. You can even find out about what crypto mining entails buy using an effective FAQ section or consulting a representative.

Reliable payment methods

You’ll need to fund your crypto trading platform in order to buy and sell crypto or trade in crypto ETFs. Without any real money funds in your account, you’ll be restricted to using a demo account – great for newcomers but you’ll ultimately want to progress beyond this point. To ensure a safe gambling experience, it’s necessary that you transfer funds using a reliable payment option. The best crypto trading platform will have a diverse number of payment methods on hand – allowing you to pick and choose depending on the processing times, fees, and reliability of each method. Our latest BDSwiss review will enlighten you as to which payment methods you can expect.

Variety of cryptocurrencies

You’ll want to find an online trading platform that provides you with the option of trading in a number of cryptocurrencies. This allows you to explore a number of coins and diversify your holdings – if this is something you wish to do. Diversifying your holdings is also a great way of minimising risk as you’re spreading it out as opposed to putting all your eggs in one basket. If you are after a selection, then we urge you to head over to our eToro review.

Editor’s Recommendation: The Best Crypto Trading Platform UK

We have realised that it is important to provide recommendations for the best crypto trading platform UK as a way of providing you with a solid reference point. There are a number of different factors that make a trading platform the best. Of course, it needs to be safe and secure. However, it must also include innovative trading tools and have a slick interface which can handle high volumes of trades on a daily basis. As such, we will always update our recommendation of the best crypto trading platform so as to capture the latest developments and consensus in the online trading world.

This Is How We Test Crypto Trading Platforms

When it comes to testing all and any of the crypto trading platform UK companies, we have found that it is prudent to use a uniform analysis which helps us identify the best crypto trading platforms via a fair system. Below, are the various aspects we take into account when assessing the best crypto trading platforms UK. This is precisely what you’ll find in our Plus500 review and FXOpen review.


A focal point when it comes to the available trading products, our team of experts take the time to analyse which cryptocurrencies are available to trade. You’ll find that most trading platforms will only allow you to trade in crypto ETFs. If you wish to find the best cryptocurrency to invest in, you’ll need to use a platform that allows you to buy the underlying asset outright. At, we have managed to find the best trading platforms for all trading needs.

Other trading options

If you wish to trade in more than just cryptocurrency, then you can consult this section of our trading reviews. This will help you find out what alternative trading products are available, including here you can buy Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and many other crypto trading options.

Jurisdictions and limits

We’ll outline any limitations to the trading platform and what exchanges and markets you’ll be able to access. It might be that the trading platform does not allow you access to certain foreign markets.


We’ll assess the trading and non-trading fees and find out what the commission rates are. This will help you identify a low-cost trading platform to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies.

Usability and feel

We test the usability and feel of each website. This extends to the trading platform and enables us to confidently recommend those platforms that excel in this department. It is important to have access to a high-functioning platform when engaging in crypto trading.

Customer support

Without customer support, it becomes an absolute nightmare attempting to resolve issues. We’ll put the support structures to the test and find out which platforms are doing it right.

License and security

As we’ve outlined, trading platforms must be authorised and regulated. We’ll highlight which ones are authorised to provide online financial services and will run you through the security features in place.

Finding The Best Crypto Trading Platform UK For You

Finding the best crypto trading platform for you takes more than reading our latest comparison. In order to align your interests with the right platform, you’ll need to apply your own set of requirements when settling on a crypto trading platform. We provide you with a pool of top crypto trading platforms. It is now up to you to identify which one meets your standards and will cater to all your trading requirements. If you can draw up a list of factors that you deem most important, it will allow you to choose an online crypto trading platform that will exceed your expectations.

Conclusion – Cryptocurrency Trading

We hope that you found value from our crypto trading UK coverage. Having familiarized yourself with this comparison and the underlying content, it is now possible for you to choose the best cryptocurrency trading platform. We know that it is not realistic to believe that all customers will enjoy the same platform. As such, we’re constantly looking to include a range of different platforms that cater to all types of online traders. Our crypto reviews are the resources that underpin our comparison and will provide you with an in-depth look into each online crypto trading UK platform.

Now that you know which crypto trading platform UK is best, it’s time to find out more about the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Alternatively, you can also find out more about crypto betting and crypto gambling right here at We have managed to amass a number of different guides and insights on your site that will give you all the necessary knowledge of crypto trading and crypto gambling.

Crypto Trading FAQ

👍What is the best crypto trading platform UK?

The best crypto trading platform in the UK will allow you to trade in a wide selection of different crypto coins. You’ll also receive innovative trading tools and features which allow you to analyse market changes and track any developments. In our crypto reviews and comparison guide to the best crypto trading platform UK, you’ll find out which UK crypto trading platform is the best.

📍Where can I find impartial crypto trading reviews?

It is important to make use of online reviews that provide you with an objective overview of each crypto trading platform UK. This will allow you to really identify which crypto trading platform is best. At, we have managed to craft genuine and impartial reviews that use a uniform measuring approach. We’ll help you find the best Bitcoin trading sites, as well as many more.  

✅Is crypto trading UK legal?

UK crypto trading was met with a lot of scepticism a while back. Many traditional financial institutions are still somewhat wary about digital currencies. However, it is completely legal to engage in online UK crypto trading – and even crypto betting. All that we recommend is that you use a UK crypto trading platform that is authorised to offer online financial (trading) services. Read our crypto trading reviews and make use of our crypto trading comparison to find out which platforms are the best.

🔖How do I create an online crypto trading account?

You can create an online crypto trading account by following the registration process outlined on the official website of the crypt trading UK platform you wish to sign up with. Nowadays, it is very easy to create a valid account that is secure and protects your data. You might need to supply the crypto trading platform UK with certain details. However, if you use one of the platforms outlined in our comparison at, then you have nothing to worry about!

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