The Best Crypto Reviews New Zealand 2021 - Cryptocurrency trading platforms and crypto gambling sites

Welcome to Bitreviews New Zealand, your home for all information surrounding cryptocurrencies and their applications. The continued growth of the crypto community is demanding attention and we will detail all you need to know.

You would have certainly heard both sides of the coin when it comes to cryptocurrencies and our service aims to bring all readers the unbiased truth. Bitreviews has assembled a team of experienced traders within the industry to compile all the information anyone will need to get going with the variety of cryptocurrency platforms in New Zealand.

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Price Ticker - All the latest crypto prices

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile when it comes to their price and this has scared off many traders over the past decade. The volatility is due to the fact that there is no central authority regulating the trade of cryptocurrencies, they can be traded at any time from anywhere. This allows major swings in price to occur while some global markets are closed.

In order to make the most out of trading cryptocurrency, the best thing to do would be to keep up to date with the price of each of the currencies that are available. Crypto New Zealand is a continuously expanding industry and you will find a variety of service offers out there, regardless of who you have signed up with, be sure to make use of our price ticker below to keep up to date with all the latest developments.

#NamePriceMarket CapChangePrice Graph (24h)

This price ticker serves as your indicator when it is time to consider buying or selling. As with trading any asset, there will be an ideal time to buy and an ideal time to sell. Both of these options will require plenty of research before you can set yourself a buying or selling point dependent on the asset price. Fortunately, we are here to keep you informed with all the changes within crypto New Zealand and you can head to our best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 page to see the specifics of just about every option on the market.

Best Crypto Trading Sites - The Best Cryptocurrency Platforms

Best trading operator

With all the basics of the industry, your search for the best crypto platform New Zealand will begin. This search can be quite daunting for any interested customer and our service has been put together to try and help all readers identify the best platform for their needs. Throughout our page, you will find general pages detailing each of the important services you will need to complete any transaction with cryptocurrency. Your first consideration will need to be, “Is cryptocurrency legal?”, and this answer will depend largely on your specific investment. There will be some regulations set in order to stop anyone looking to launder money but a quick check from a legal/financial advisor should clear up any concerns you may have.

Once you have the go-ahead, you will need to seek out the best platforms for each part of the crypto journey. This will include a wallet for storage of your crypto units, your specific choice of cryptocurrency and a reputable crypto trading platform to obtain some of these units. We also take a look at more specific transaction methods such as crypto exchanges, which allow crypto units of one currency to be exchanged for others. Our detailed page of crypto mining provides any interested reader with all the details to determine if mining will be profitable for their specific case. We also take a look at all the gambling options with cryptocurrencies and the casinos that support transactions with them.

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Crypto & Online Broker of the Month

Bookmaker Comparison - The best crypto gambling sites in NZ

Once cryptocurrency established itself as a sought after asset, plenty of online gambling operators began offering their services with crypto as compensation. For the first time ever, customers are able to credit their accounts and play their favourite online casino games using crypto units. It is important to keep up to date with the cryptocurrency regulations in New Zealand to ensure that you are legally able to gamble the money that you have invested.

Our crypto reviews detail every aspect of the various online crypto services, most of these include the licensing and jurisdiction that operators have to offer their service. To find more details surrounding the online casino scene, head to our crypto gambling page right here at Bitreviews New Zealand.


Best Crypto Wallets - Finding the best wallet for you

Best Bitcoin Wallets

The world of cryptocurrencies has moved so quickly in the last decade that it seems incredible to think that it wasn’t long ago that all of this was a pretty much unknown concept to the overwhelming majority of the public. Now, even if people don’t utilise Bitcoin wallets, they probably know what they are, meaning that the world of cryptocurrencies has now entered mainstream consciousness.

Crypto Mining - Read our latest crypto mining guides

The majority of cryptocurrencies also offer interested customers the option to ‘mine’ units. To explain this, we have put together our crypto mining page to detail the entire process, but we will quickly run through it here as well. Each transaction that is completed within the network of the given cryptocurrency needs to be validated and stored within the blockchain ledger.

To complete this process, computers on the network guess 64 digit hash keys relevant to the specific transaction. The first machine to have the right key will complete the transaction process and be rewarded with some crypto units. The mining industry has become incredibly competitive and it may not be viable to try and begin crypto mining alone.  A crypto platform in New Zealand may offer customers the option to join their mining pool and increase their odds of receiving compensation but this is fairly scarce.


Since Bitcoin arrived on the scene in 2009, there have been plenty of cryptocurrency alternatives that have been put on offer to crypto traders all around the world. Each of the cryptocurrencies will involve a vastly different software structure and transaction method. There is plenty of room for innovation within the crypto community and each of the cryptocurrencies available make use of slightly different technology while maintaining the cryptocurrency requirements. Our crypto New Zealand reviews take a close look at the history of each cryptocurrency option. We also detail the pros and cons of each to give a brief insight into the specific option.

Our crypto reviews then detail exactly how the cryptocurrency was developed and who completed the development process. The latest statistics and major facts are also presented within each review to give you further information when looking at the potential of a certain market. The features of the cryptocurrency are also evaluated alongside the security that comes with it and the use cases for whatever currency you have chosen. This section is the pinnacle of each review as you can find out exactly what your crypto units can be used on, and how safe they are before you invest large sums of money. Our reviews also detail how to trade each of them using a crypto platform New Zealand in the ‘How to trade’ section. Finally, our team of experts take a close look at the future prospects of the given cryptocurrency and the reputation it has managed to generate online.

Cryptocurrency Basics – Everything you need to know

Before you can consider investing your real money within any of the available cryptocurrencies online, it is important to have a solid understanding of the basics surrounding the industry and the applications of any crypto units that you have purchased. Crypto New Zealand is a rapidly growing industry and if you are looking to join the ranks of Kiwi traders, you will have to know exactly what it is you are investing your money in.

What is crypto?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that’s ownership can be proven cryptographically. It comes in a form similar to traditional currency kept in a bank account, however, there is no physical form of cryptocurrencies. These units are kept in a crypto wallet that requires no personal information or identity verification, you will simply have to open your wallet and claim your key to access the account. This has allowed traders to complete transactions with a remarkably high degree of privacy and safety.  If you would like to take a look at the online wallet service providers out there, check our Bitcoin wallets page.

Crypto Trading

Once you have managed to obtain the cryptocurrency of your choosing, you may be looking to sell some of your units at some point. Crypto markets are notoriously volatile but have so far proven to be a very profitable store of value, especially Bitcoin. This allows for short-term traders to try and make gains from the volatility, as well as long-term traders who are simply looking to invest in the cryptocurrency value. These trading services are all covered within our crypto reviews. To do this, you will require transactions to be completed within your wallet, or you may need to seek an external trading platform which allows interested trading parties to complete trades. Be sure to read over our cryptocurrency trading page to get a full breakdown of how you can begin crypto trading.

Tips & Tricks for beginners

Once you have decided to join the crypto New Zealand industry you will need to take advantage of any piece of information you can get your hands on. Our crypto reviews will bring you all the crucial details surrounding each online operator’s service, but it’s what you do within the service that will determine your potential gains. Our team of experts have plenty of experience within the crypto trading scene and have put together this section of tips and tricks to get any interested reader’s career underway.

Price alerts

A crucial tool to have in your trading arsenal would be price alerts set for markets of crypto New Zealand. Each reader will have their own buying and selling point when it comes to a crypto unit price and setting alerts to inform you once this price has been reached is crucial to time your purchases. A crypto platform New Zealand may offer this tool with some of their account options but it is quite scarce. Usually, you will receive an email, or, if there is an app, you should have notifications sent directly to your mobile device. Our crypto reviews will shed some light on whether or not there are price alerts available with the respective service provider.

Time to buy

As with trading any other asset such as shares or forex, there will be a right time to buy and a right time to sell. There are so many resources available that will offer advice on the correct timing of each of these but to make an informed decision, you will have to conduct your own research and decide for yourself. Due to the volatility of the markets, you may have registered during a peak in one of the cryptocurrency prices and this would be the worst time to trade in your traditional currency for crypto units. Make use of the analytical tools within each crypto platform in New Zealand to determine just how the price of the cryptocurrency has changed with time and do the necessary research to identify the perfect time to buy.

Find a good crypto platform in New Zealand

Your entire crypto New Zealand experience will be based upon the service provider you have chosen. This will determine how easy it is for you to deposit and withdraw funds, how much you can learn about the markets and what quality of tools you will be able to use. A great crypto platform in New Zealand will offer all customers an easy-to-use platform while keeping their fees low and levels of service high. If you are on the hunt for a great offer, it is always recommended that you browse through our comprehensive list of crypto reviews to see just how each online operator has managed to perform. For any readers interested in wagering some crypto units, head to our best Bitcoin casino page.

How we find the best platforms to buy crypto New Zealand

Understanding just how our team of experts conduct our crypto reviews for the various departments of the crypto market will give you some much-needed insight into the profitability of each of them. There are plenty of opportunities available with cryptocurrencies and it can be quite a challenge identifying the most suitable platform for your specific needs. Our review structure has been used with crypto markets all over the world and we maintain this structure in each review to bring readers a comprehensive look at each of the service offers out there. Each service is evaluated in the most important aspects of the service and assigned a numerical score that is related to the industry standard. This also allows our team here at Bitreviews New Zealand to rank the online services accordingly and offer an opinion on who is our best crypto platform in New Zealand that is currently available.

Available markets

The first category of our crypto platform New Zealand reviews takes a look at the available markets with the online service provider. In the case of a crypto wallet, there may be an opportunity for customers to exchange their cryptocurrencies within the wallet service. For crypto trading platforms, the score given will depend on the amount of cryptocurrencies that are available for trade within the service. There are plenty of markets that can be made use of within the crypto world and it is important for any customer to have a variety of ways to diversify their investment portfolio. For cryptocurrencies themself, we take a look at what the crypto units can be used on to determine just how useful it would be for transactions. If you are interested in trading your crypto units for another cryptocurrency option, head to our crypto exchanges page where we take a look at the entire process.


Once you have decided to join the crypto New Zealand trading world, you will need to make sure that your funds are safe and secure with each service that you make use of. There are plenty of online scams on the internet today and they are finding more methods to exploit customers. Through each of our reviews, our experts detail a five-step process to ensure that your experience is both secure and fair. Always keep these steps in mind when you are online to avoid any mishaps. We also evaluate the security methods that have been implemented within each service.

For crypto wallets, you may find that you are able to claim a hard wallet which is a physical USB that is the only means to access your cryptocurrency. This provides unprecedented levels of security within the industry. For trading platforms, there will hopefully transport layer security and data encryption within their service to keep all of your personal details safe. If the operator has managed to obtain the relevant licenses, your traditional cash that is deposited will also be kept in tier one banks before it is converted to the cryptocurrency of your choosing. Be sure to read through our security sections of the crypto reviews thoroughly before committing to an online service provider.


As with any online service provider, you will be paying fees in one way or another to keep the company up and runnings. These fees may come in a variety of forms such as commissions, general account fees or payment fees. It is best to avoid any online service that takes commissions from the crypto transactions you make as the entire system is designed to reward miners with the small amount of transaction commission fees that are applicable. Having general account fees is fairly common and our team of experts evaluate these with the industry standard in mind, if an operator is above the average, they will score poorly in this department. Finally, payment fees will be applicable when you are depositing and withdrawing from your account. These payment fees will depend largely on the payment method you are using and our reviews cover which method will have the lowest applicable fees.

Payment methods

With the fees covered, you will surely be interested in the payment methods that are available within each service. These payment methods will usually include debit/credit cards, ewallets and traditional bank transfers. There will also obviously be options available to transact using any cryptocurrency that you may already have. Crypto New Zealand payments will each have their own processing times and applicable fees, our reviews take this into account before giving the online operator a score in the department.


Finally, we take a look at the general usability of each service. If the website and platform/app are outdated, you will be struggling to complete your transactions and you may not find all the crucial information before you have made the decision to sign up. For cryptocurrencies, we take a look at the usability of the units, how you will be able to spend them and the variety of uses they have within the industry. Usability is an important aspect of our reviews as it gives all readers an insight into the service they can expect to receive before they have signed up with the online operator.

Summary of what to look for

Once you are invested in the crypto New Zealand industry, remember that you can get all the latest developments regarding cryptocurrency prices right here at Bitreviews. Our Price Ticker will keep you up to date and detail the prices of just about all of the cryptocurrencies out there. You will need to keep all of the cryptocurrency basics in mind when you are trading within the industry as this could provide you with a crucial point of view when it comes to making future price predictions. Remember that each crypto software structure will differ significantly and the next big competitor to Bitcoin could be on the horizon.

Understanding the various categories of the crypto industry will also give you a clear roadmap of potential avenues of income as each category can be used to make gains. Be sure to research any option before you decide to invest in it and read through our host of crypto reviews to get a detailed, expert take on the service you are considering using. Always do your research when you are looking to trade as there is plenty available online, an informed decision is far more likely to make a profit than a shot in the dark. Finally, use all of our tips and tricks mentioned here to get your crypto trading career underway. There is plenty of potential with cryptocurrencies and you will find everything you need, right here at Bitreviews New Zealand.

Crypto Reviews FAQs

Whats is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is not governed by a central authority. It is maintained by the distributed network of crypto miners and traders that ensures the cryptocurrency has value and that it is continually produced until it reaches its volume cap.

Where can I buy Bitcoin?

There are plenty of service providers on the market that offer any customers the opportunity to buy some Bitcoin. Deciding where to buy can be a crucial point in your trading career as most of your time trading will be spent with the specific online operator. Our crypto reviews take a close look at all of the online trading platforms within New Zealand and they can be used to help make your decision.

What is the best cryptocurrency trading platform?

The best crypto platform in New Zealand will largely depend on your specific needs as a customer. Our team of experts have established a tried and tested review structure that allows us to evaluate each operator and assign a numerical score based upon their service performance. This allows us to rank each online service provider accordingly and offer a recommendation of the best crypto platform out there.

What is a fiat currency?

Fiat currency is any physical form of currency. This would include the notes and coins in your wallet and the important aspect of fiat currency is that it is not backed by any traditional commodity i.e. there is no relation between the physical dollar in your wallet to the price of gold. 

Is Bitcoin the best cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is definitely the most valued and popular cryptocurrency out there but that does not mean it is the best. Each cryptocurrency will have their own benefits and drawbacks. Many of them maintain the set requirements to be classified as a cryptocurrency and this is already an advantage when compared to traditional currencies. Be sure to take a look at our cryptocurrency pages to get the details behind each of their offers.

Is cryptocurrency legal in New Zealand?

One of the first considerations you should make is, “Is cryptocurrency legal?”. This will largely depend on how you plan on transacting with the digital asset. For the most part, the trading of cryptocurrencies is legal within New Zealand but there are a number of cases which could be illegal. It is always recommended that you seek professional legal and financial advice before committing to investing.

How do I mine cryptocurrency?

Mining cryptocurrencies can be very profitable if you have the correct setup and necessary computing equipment. Here at Bitreviews South Africa, we will be taking a close look at exactly how you can go about mining the cryptocurrency of your choosing.



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