Best Bitcoin Wallets in US 2020

There have been few developments that have disrupted the financial markets quite as much as the emergence of cryptocurrency in recent years. Aside from its myriad of potential applications of blockchain technology for financial institutions, the native tokens that power the various networks have become one of the most popular and accessible instruments to speculate on. In fact, Bitcoin trading in the USA has become increasingly popular with novice investors who may not have previously considered any kind of trading.

However,  many investors are so preoccupied with choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in, they overlook another important aspect of crypto trading – Bitcoin wallets. Choosing the best Bitcoin wallet for the USA may seem like a straightforward decision, but the following guide should furnish you with enough information to make a more informed choice on which wallet is best suited for your own individual trading needs.

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The Most Popular Wallet Types

If you are just starting out on your journey into the world of crypto trading USA, then before choosing a wallet, you should first familiarise yourself with the different formats available. As is highlighted below, each wallet type comes with its own strengths and weaknesses and choosing the best crypto wallets in the USA will largely depend on which factors you prioritise.

Desktop wallets

Among the most popular USA Bitcoin wallets are desktop apps that allow you to store all your cryptocurrency on your laptop or PC. These wallets have the advantage of being readily connected to the internet to facilitate easy transactions, whilst additional security when compared to purely web-based wallets. The only disadvantage is that some wallets can only be accessed on a single device, which makes them less suitable for investors who prioritise trading on the move.

The best desktop bitcoin wallets in the USA include:

  • Electrum
  • Guarda
  • Exodus
  • Coinbase

Online wallets

Online wallets have something of a bad reputation with the industry, due to their comparative lack of security next to desktop and hardware wallets. However, many web wallets offer robust security protocols and they are popular with traders who keep most of their crypto offline, but use the web-based provider to send and receive crypto as and when required.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets have a reputation as being amongst the most secure. As the name suggests, they come in the form of a physical device that is used to store your crypto offline.  Leading brands like Ledger and Trezor have produced devices that not only act as a cold wallet but also have their own proprietary operating systems and can connect to web-enabled devices via Bluetooth – meaning you can send and receive tokens directly from the hardware wallet.

Mobile wallets

The top choice for trading on the go, mobile wallets are similar in nature to desktop wallets but instead come in the form of an app downloaded to your phone or tablet. Mobile apps are generally safe in themselves, however, users do need to be cautious when out and about, ensuring they do not send and receive crypto when connected to unsecured networks.

Popular mobile wallets include:

  • Electrum
  • Guarda Mobile
  • Exodus
  • Jaxx
  • Copay

Paper wallets

Paper wallets provide the ultimate security, as they are completely disconnected from any kind of device. Usually, an app is used to generate a unique key for your wallet, which you then print off and store in a secure location. Most traders who utilize paper wallets, also keep a nominal amount of crypto in web or desktop wallets to ensure they can make quick transactions.

Who Should Make Use of this USA Bitcoin Wallets Comparison?

This review won’t tell you which is the best Bitcoin wallet for the USA,  as this will largely come down to personal preference. However, what we aim to do is provide you with an overview of what’s available and how each wallet measures up against its rivals. The following information should serve as a starting point for learning about the different wallets available. From here, you can then go into more depth with our coin-specific information, including Ethereum wallet reviews, Ripple wallet reviewsBitcoin Cash wallet reviews, and numerous other popular tokens.

Editor’s Recommendation

As we have already touched upon, the best Bitcoin wallet for the USA is largely a matter of personal opinion. However, if you are struggling for ideas then our recommendation would be the Electrum wallet. Electrum is one of the oldest players on the scene, having been established in 2011, and as such has a solid reputation in the industry. It comes with an array of security features, including full encryption protocols, seed phrase backup, and two-factor authentication. Electrum also supports hardware wallets, so users who prefer to keep their crypto entirely offline can use Electrum when planning to make frequent transactions. Electrum also has a broad array of operational features, making it a particularly good option for more experienced traders.

However, one drawback to Electrum is it doesn’t support the widest range of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if you have a preference for a particular token, then it’s a good idea to check out our coin-specific posts, such as our Tether wallet reviews, Litecoin wallet reviews, or Binance Coin reviews, to see if there are better options out there.

This is How Our Experts Test Wallets

Our reviews are intended to help you appraise the various USA Bitcoin wallets and choose the right one for your own individual needs. To help achieve this, our experts carefully consider each wallet according to extensive criteria, ensuring that we reach an accurate and impartial verdict. The criteria are as follows:

Reviews and reputation

The best Bitcoin wallet for the USA is hardly likely to be a secret, but by looking at customer reviews and the overall reputation of a wallet, we can separate fact from fiction when it comes to how effective security features are and how user friendly a wallet or platform is. Similarly, if a wallet appears to have an abundance of cutting edge features but general industry sentiment suggests it isn’t fit for purpose, then we know something is amiss.

Security features

It will be of little surprise that researching a wallet’s security features forms a key part of our review process. Whilst any wallet is only as secure as its user, the top USA Bitcoin wallets will offer a range of features and protocols to ensure that they offer maximum protection from hackers, malware and other cyber-nasties. Common security features include two-factor authentication, various forms of encryption, multi-signature support and biometric authentication.

History and previous security breaches

Even the best bitcoin wallet for the USA may have experienced security breaches in some point –  whilst this is hardly a positive advertisement, it’s important to see how platforms have dealt with past instances – if any – and whether they are now stronger because of them. Alternatively, a wallet with a clean track record must be doing something right!

Customer Support

USA Bitcoin wallets should be user-friendly enough that they can be used by both novice traders and seasoned pros. However, it always brings peace of mind to know there is adequate support available, should it be required. Our review team looks at what support options are available and considers other important factors such as response time and the effectiveness of the CS team.

Practical tests: ease of use and practicality

Naturally, a key part of our review involves a hands-on look at each wallet’s functionality, including its appearance, user interface and general feel. We see how easy it is to send and receive crypto, as well as consider how easy it is to navigate the more advanced options. Many USA Bitcoin wallets are better suited to more advanced users, practical testing allows us to get a better idea of which this applies to.

Practical tests: What options are available?

Top Bitcoin wallets in the USA should offer myriad options when it comes to operation and security. For example, many different models of hardware wallets are available – some offering Bluetooth connectivity and some not. Similarly, some desktop wallets allow users to customise security features, whereas others adopt a one-size-fits-all approach.

Practical tests: Speed

Day traders often need to make quick transactions, so the speed at which a wallet can be accessed and funds transferred can be an important factor when choosing which brand or platform to go for. Our review team not only looks at the overall speed of a wallet, but we also consider how security measures have been implemented and whether they significantly slow down operation.


Finally, we look at each wallet alongside its rivals, to see how it fares on the wider market. Reviewing a wallet in isolation is all well and good, but only by comparison can we find out which features can be expected as an industry standard and which are genuine innovations.

Finding the Right Wallet for You

The wide variety of USA Bitcoin wallets available, with their varying levels of security and functionality, meaning that choosing the most suitable one will largely come down to personal preference. For example, someone new to the world of crypto and blockchain may find they need a simpler wallet to get started, whilst more experienced users may prefer the more complex options, with advanced tools and features. The following points are things you should consider when browsing Bitcoin wallets in the USA.

Security vs convenience

The best bitcoin wallet for the USA will offer a good balance of security and functionality. However, as we have seen, it is often the case that whilst using a hot wallet offers more convenience for frequent transactions, there is some sacrifice made on security when compared to an offline wallet. As such, it’s advisable to consider which factor is more important to you, or if you might be more comfortable using both a hot and a cold wallet in conjunction with each other.

Do you need a crypto-specific wallet?

Some traders prefer to use a single wallet for all their crypto whilst others would rather keep each token in its own, separate wallet. The latter will to some extent complicate matters, as some wallets are better suited to certain tokens than others. For example,  Bitcoin SV wallet reviews may draw different conclusions to EOS wallet reviews based on subtle nuances between how each token operates. It is also the case that some wallets have much wider support for altcoins than others. With this in mind, you should think carefully about your portfolio plans before firmly deciding on a wallet.

Check for compatibility

Not all crypto exchanges are compatible with every Bitcoin wallet and vice versa. This is especially relevant for traders who plan to use two wallets in tandem for additional security. Similarly, fans of Bitcoin Casinos in the US may find that they have different options for those who are planning to use their wallets exclusively for crypto mining in the US.  For these reasons, it’s worth checking the small print of wallet providers to see if there are any limitations on compatibility.

What device will you use the most?

Depending on your reason for choosing crypto to invest in, you might find that one device is far more useful than another. For example, Hodlers – those buying crypto as a long-term investment – don’t need to make frequent transactions, so a hardware or paper wallet is probably the best option. However, day traders need fast access to crypto and may well carry out transactions whilst they are out and about. As such, mobile wallets would be a far better option.


Those new to the Bitcoin scene will often overlook the importance of choosing the right wallet, instead putting all their efforts into finding the right crypto exchange in the USA.  However, as we have seen there is a broad offering of Bitcoin wallets in the USA, with each one having its own strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, the best Bitcoin wallet for the USA will differ from one trader to another – particularly between newbie investors and seasoned pros. Our expert comparisons and reviews should go a long way in helping you decide on the right wallet for you.

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