Best Bitcoin Casinos in US 2020

There’s few markets where finding a good bitcoin casino – or any kind of crypto gambling casino – is as important as the USA. The laws surrounding gambling are complicated and plenty are attracted to the simplicity and anonymity that a bitcoin casino USA provides.

However, some are still skeptical. While a bitcoin casino is by far the most integrated and popular crypto gambling option, it still remains a mystery to many, with its trading, mining, and intricacies.

Whether you’re new to bitcoin casino USA options and want reassurances of quality and safety, or you simply want to ensure you’re using the best bitcoin casino USA, our recommendations can help.

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Who should make use of the comparison?

For players from the USA, we’d suggest that almost anyone interested in online casinos should consider giving a bitcoin casino USA a chance. The legal situation in the country varies by state, meaning that many people are missing out on getting the best online experience because of these often confusing and restrictive laws.

In any case, a bitcoin USA casino can open up more options, more opportunities and can do so while providing greater security and privacy. Really then, the only condition for this being worth the while of a US citizen would be an interest in casino gambling. More choice can only be a good thing, especially considering the options available to traditional US players is often more limited than, for instance, their EU counterparts.

You may be wondering if crypto gambling is worthwhile in states with more liberal gambling laws. We’d say absolutely. There’s a lot of great US bitcoin casino sites out there, and more options mean a better chance of finding the right fit for you. This is especially the case if you’re a security conscious person, as the anonymity of a bitcoin casino USA provides a layer of protection that traditional sites simply cannot.

Remember that a bitcoin casino USA can be every bit as good as traditional options, with all the bells, whistles, bonuses and free spins, so there doesn’t need to be any compromise on quality.

Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

The idea that you cannot enjoy just as good a gambling experience using cryptocurrencies – especially bitcoin, which absolute towers over its peers in terms of its worldwide usage, appeal and options – is a myth. While there are still no doubt more traditional casinos than options for a bitcoin casino USA, there’s still more than enough variety of US bitcoin casino sites to have an almost limitless supply of world-class options.

Plus, the momentum is always shifting towards more US bitcoin casino options. In fact, not only are there more options which specialise in bitcoin, but also more traditional options are embracing the world famous cryptocurrency. In any case, your standards should be every bit as high using this cryptocurrency, so here’s our top 5 checklist to ensure you’re making the most out of your online betting experience.

Make sure they offer bitcoin!

Despite bitcoin’s household name status, it’s not quite available everywhere yet. So, first things first, check out the casino site’s banking options and see if they support bitcoin. This is, after all, the first condition to be considered a candidate for a best bitcoin casino USA.

This shouldn’t be too stressful. Assuming they do, there’s plenty of bitwallets you can choose, and confirmation should be made very obvious. In fact, some betting sites even have bitcoin in their name, so there shouldn’t be any confusion.

However, the worst thing would be to get invested in what you think is your perfect betting site only to discover they don’t actually carry the payment method you plan on using! If this does happen to you, don’t worry, there’s plenty of great choices out there and we’re sure you’ll soon find a new casino to love.

Check for licenses

Often, Americans aren’t sure what to look for when it comes to casino licenses. Well, there are plenty of respected organisations and commissions that offer casino licenses which you can look for in order to ensure that your choice is legitimate. Licenses from the government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission are two examples of trusted and respected licenses.

Of course, any license is better than none. If you’re unsure of the quality of the license you are looking at – there are quite a few throughout the world – then a quick Google search should give a decent idea of that license’s reputation.  In order to find what license the site has, you should usually be able to find it at the bottom of the homepage, or if not, in the terms and conditions. As a last resort, you could ask customer service, but that really should not be necessary from a reliable operator.

Ensure they utilize encryption

You may think that using bitcoin means that all your sensitive information is safe but you’ll still want to check that a site is properly encrypted in order to keep your personal and financial details secure. Remember that while using bitcoin is safer, it’s not the only safety measure you should be taking.

This is a little tougher to find than licensing, but a look through the terms and conditions or searching the site name and encryption should point you in the right direction. Never sign up to a betting site which does not protect your information.

Research the quality of the games

When we talk about the quality of casino games, we’re not just referring to entertainment value, although that is very important. We’re also discussing the actual fairness of them.

Many of you won’t even be sure of how to check that casino games are fair. Well, you could always just go to a trusted source, like us, to point you in the direction of operators we have tested. Or, you could check out both the software developers and ensure they are reputable, and also whether they have been independently audited. That’s how we do it, after all.

Have a look for efforts to curb problem gaming

No matter how responsible you are when it comes to gambling, this is still something you should look out for. Why? Because any bookmaker worth their salt should make an effort – through advice, links and practical measures – to ensure they are behaving in an ethical and responsible way.

It’s a huge red flag in this regard if these things are not clearly present. It also means we would view them as much less trustworthy in general, which of course is a huge negative when we’re talking about security and fairness.

This is how our experts test operators

Now you know what to look for when trying to find a fair and secure bitcoin casino USA. However, you may be wondering how we check out everything else to ensure we’re providing you with the most comprehensive reviews and analysis possible.

It’s important for us to check every nook and cranny so you can utilise our recommendations with confidence. This is to ensure we’re the perfect first step in finding the right betting operator for you. With that in mind, here’s what we check when testing operators for the best bitcoin casino USA.

1. We conduct a range of security checks

The place to begin is the very same place we recommend if you’re testing out an operator’s quality yourself. We do all those fairness and security checks, including ensuring they utilise quality software developers, as well as checking for licenses, encryption, responsible gaming efforts, a variety of payment methods and more.

So, if you want to get your search off to a flying start, check out our recommendations.

2. Play some games

It may seem obvious but one of the best places to start is by simply trying out the site ourselves. This means signing up, having a look around, seeing how fast payouts are, and most importantly, it means actually playing the casino games, from slot games to table games and everything in between.

The best way to understand what users are going to experience is to experience it ourselves. So, we try out as many games as possible, to get a first-hand idea of the type of quality you can expect. We also check out promotions, including any generous US bitcoin casino no deposit bonus offers.

3. Chat to customer service

Actually, the first thing we do to ensure that the customer service is up to scratch is to actually check out the Help section to see how many of our questions we can get answered without having to contact customer service. However, we’re well aware that even the best Help section, at the best bitcoin casino USA site, doesn’t negate the fact that some people will need additional support.

That’s why we personally check out the customer service options and use them to see what the quality and speed of the responses is like.

4. Do extensive reputation research

While we consider first-hand experience to be vital in really understanding what makes a betting site great, it’s also important to realise that a single experience isn’t necessarily going to be everybody’s experience. That’s why we also conduct extensive research to see what other customers are saying about the betting site, so we can also get some outside perspective to build the most comprehensive picture possible.

This not only includes how trustworthy they found the site to be, but also things that are relevant to customers signing up now, like the quality of any potential bitcoin casino no deposit bonus 2020 USA relevant promotions.

5. Check the site for technical quality

We begin by essentially approaching the site in a way that is as close to your average casino users as possible. Beyond this, we also want to provide more rigorous testing to see exactly what the limits of the betting site are.

The way we do this is really simple: we test out the most technologically demanding parts of the site – such as the live casino – and see if we can notice any sign of slowdown, lag or technical difficulties. On top of that, we also assess the technical and structural qualities of the site when pushed to the limit, because if they can stand up at that point, we know that your experience should be one without any significant issues.

Finding the right operator for you

We understand that everyone has different needs and tastes when it comes to any kind of casino, and US bitcoin casino sites are no different. Our intention with our recommendations is not to tell you what to like. Instead, we want to be able to give you a jumping off point of operators we have tested and confirmed to be above our extremely high standards.

We want you to be able to explore the wide world of US bitcoin casino sites with confidence and be able to focus on the things you enjoy, as opposed to worrying about those basic requirements like reliability, security and quality. Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that finding a good US bitcoin casino is tough. There’s plenty of great options out here. But let’s not be doubtful of the fact that, in the big wide world of the internet, there are some below standards options out there.

Not only do we make avoiding them far easier, but it also means that you can hopefully find something of a much higher standard and a much better fit for you. Remember that choosing a decent bitcoin casino might not be too hard, but finding the one which is perfect for you is a lot tougher, and a little help can do nothing but good.


There’s arguably no more fitting a cryptocurrency market in the entire world of online betting than USA bitcoin sites. There are few countries that have the passion and the history that the US has with casinos. Indeed, when you think of casinos, it’s very likely some piece of American iconography – perhaps the famous Las Vegas strip – comes to mind. It’s a shame then that so many states have limited the options of betting online for their residents.

What cryptocurrencies and US bitcoin casinos do is give people greater freedom of choice in a restricted situation. In fact, there’s so much choice that the major issue for US bitcoin casino users is often that they don’t know where to begin looking for their best bitcoin casino USA.  Making that process easier is what we’re all about. The combination of more choice and expert guidance is a recipe for a great online betting experience.

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