Best Bitcoin Casinos in UK 2021

The UK has one of the best online gambling scenes in the world, bar none. This is as true for the world of crypto gambling as it is for more traditional options. In fact, today, they may be one and the same, meaning you may already recognise many crypto gambling casino sites, offering you all kinds of different payment methods.

More than any other option, this is often the case when you’re looking for a bitcoin casino UK, with the cryptocurrency becoming more and more mainstream by the day. This not only means that the abundance of choice associated with UK gambling generally can be expected for those looking for their best bitcoin casino UK, but also the standards of quality you can expect should also remain sky high.

Finding a good bitcoin casino UK may be easy, but finding the perfect one for you and your needs and preferences may take a little guidance. Thankfully, that’s exactly why we’re here.

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Comparing the Best Bitcoin Casinos UK

Who should make use of the comparison?

So, who exactly is the bitcoin casino UK market aimed at? Well, the most obvious example would be people who already have and use bitcoin and are interested in gambling. However, there’s also people considering investing in the cryptocurrency because they are concerned about their anonymity and security when gambling online.

More than any other option, this is often the case when you’re looking for a bitcoin casino UK, with the cryptocurrency becoming more and more mainstream by the day. This not only means that the abundance of choice associated with UK gambling generally can be expected for those looking for their best bitcoin casino UK, but also the standards of quality you can expect should also remain sky high.

Just as important is who should not be put off. Many people hear about things like crypto mining, crypto trading and crypto wallets and may be confused, but there really is no need. Also, people who don’t wish to compromise on their casino’s quality should also not be concerned. There are good and bad online casinos of any variety, but the best bitcoin casino UK site for you should be able to stand up to any, from its slot games and game variety, to its security and trustworthiness.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

No search for the best bitcoin casino UK can truly begin unless you know that you’re getting a secure and fair gambling experience. This is the baseline, the absolute minimum you should expect before you start delving deeper into its experience to see whether the site is right for you. Before exploring the intricacies of a UK bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, before you see if their design aesthetic provides the right mood, nothing is more important than ensuring you are safe online.

These five steps are some simple ways we recommend that you can check for a secure and fair gambling experience on a bitcoin casino UK site.

Check for encryption

One of the most important checks to make is to find evidence of encryption. Don’t worry, that sounds much more difficult and cryptic than it is. A good betting site should always proudly inform the customer of their use of SSL encryption technology, along with other security measures.

Ensure they are licensed

Cryptocurrencies in general are becoming much more mainstream and there is no better example of this than bitcoin, which is becoming a common payment option across many operator sites. That means that when you’re looking for your best bitcoin casino UK, you can check for licenses just like you would when looking for a casino with any other payment methods.

License information is usually clearly displayed at the bottom of the site and for players from the UK, you should look out for sites that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. If in any doubt, you can always ask customer service for further confirmation.

Review their reputation

This one is pretty simple: if the bookmaker you were looking at was involved in a big scandal where a bunch of customers didn’t get paid out under dubious circumstances, for instance, then they are probably best avoided. Obviously, this is unlikely, but these kinds of red flags are easily revealed with just a bit of research into the operator’s reputation and customer feedback.

Read their terms and conditions

We’ve talked a lot about security here but haven’t focused as much on fairness. That’s where terms and conditions come in. We rigorously check the general terms on the casino site to ensure that all of their conditions are reasonable – and in the case of licensed and encrypted casinos, this is usually the case.

However, just as telling are the terms and conditions found on bonuses, from free spins to a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus 2021 UK exclusive offer, and everything in between. While a bad promotion doesn’t mean you are looking at a site which lacks security, unfair terms should give you a good insight into how a bookmaker treats their customers, and also how generous they are.

Make sure they take responsible gaming seriously

This last step is vital for those who need these additional measures and helps to ensure that their usage remains safe. However, it’s also an important thing to check for anyone to ensure their bookmaker is trustworthy.

Even if you are only planning on betting very small amounts and gambling is not a concern for you, the fact that a bookmaker would not take these measures reflects badly on the kind of service you can expect from them generally. That’s because it shows a deeply irresponsible lack of care for their users. That’s why the presence of things like bet limits, for instance, are important to everyone, even those who don’t need them.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

Checking for things like security and fairness is, of course, just the initial step in finding the best bitcoin casino UK site for you. If you are researching on your own, it should be the first place you start and it’s the first place our experts begin too when checking to see if we think a bookmaker is worthy of our recommendation.

While you should always check out a site for yourself and do your own research to help discover if a bitcoin casino UK is right for you, the reason we do all of these tests is so that you can begin your search from a point of confidence. Utilising our recommendations, you can ensure that any shortlist for best bitcoin casino UK sites at least hits a certain standard – and we view our standards to be extremely high.

Casinos of any kind should be something you enjoy, not something to stress over because you’re unsure of the quality of the betting sites you are checking out. That’s what we do: we make it so you can focus on all the enjoyable parts of finding and experiencing the best bitcoin casino UK options on offer.

This is how our experts test operators

So, how exactly do we go about finding you the best bitcoin casino UK? Well, by conducting a series of tests. Here, we’re actually going to break down what we do when we are analysing whether a bookmaker – bitcoin casino UK or not – is worthy of our recommendation.

1. Conducting security checks

We’ve obviously just covered all of this above, so we won’t repeat ourselves here. We will say though, that the first thing we do is all the security checks we suggest everyone conducts when trying to analyse the quality of an operator. We do indeed look for licenses, encryption, the terms and conditions, as well as what measures they are taking to ensure responsible gambling as our top priority for finding the best bitcoin casino UK.

2. Looking for reputable software developers

An easy way to get an idea of the type of quality you are likely to expect from a casino site is to check who is actually supplying their games. This may be something that you have never given a great deal of thought to but it’s important to remember that games don’t just appear out of some magical vortex. A lot of hard work and effort by very talented individuals goes into creating them, and the quality of the source will be a reflection of the casino’s quality too.

3. Checking for independent audits

Another great way of testing out whether the games are worthwhile is to see if they have had any independent audits performed. This is where they test to see if the games are both random and fair.  If we can confirm that they are both made by good sources and are provably fair, we can move onto our next test.

4. Trying out as many games as possible

This may seem simple but the best way of finding out about a casino is still to experience it for ourselves. Now that the security checks are all out of the way, we can enjoy the site for what it is and get an idea of the type of customer who may enjoy it as well. This way, we can see if we think they are delivering a quality experience beyond the bare minimum legitimacy tests.

5. Finding out as much as we can through the Help section

Customer service is an extremely important part of any betting site. We’re dealing with real money here, so issues – whatever they may be – for users of a casino site need to be taken very seriously. The first check we can make to see how the operator is doing in this regard is to check out their Help section and see how many questions we can get answered without having to contact customer support.

6. Contacting customer service

There’s no prizes for guessing what our next test is. No matter how good a Help section is, sometimes you need guidance from the site itself. So, it’s important to always test out the customer service to see how helpful and quick to respond they are, alongside their actual opening hours and selection of contact options.

7. Finding everything on the site we can

The structure of a site is extremely important and being able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily is always the sign of a great betting site. So, we think of everything we may want to find from the site, and then we try to find it. The ease of this process carves our impressions of this element of site design.

8. Testing the site to its limits

Naturally, the next test of site design is on the technical side of things. There’s only really one way of finding out if a site can take the strain of its most technically difficult operations and that’s to see for ourselves. A really quick and easy test here is to see how the live casino stacks up, i.e. are there any buffering/slow down? etc.

9. Reviewing what other customers are saying

No matter how much we research and test in our pursuit of the bet bitcoin casino UK sites, it’s only our experience. That’s why an important part of our research is to see what other customers are saying about the site and if there are any serious credible complaints being made against them, along with whether they have a good reputation more generally.

10. Considering the variety

Variety is the spice of life and that’s certainly the case when we’re looking for the best bitcoin casino UK. Sure, not everyone needs an enormous selection – they may be happy sticking solely to a specific card game, for instance. However, more options can only widen the appeal to more people who, therefore can more heartily enjoy our recommendation. This is as true for banking options as it is for game variety, so this is not just something we do for a bitcoin casino UK, but for all sites in general.

Finding the right operator for you

Of course, all of this doesn’t take into account your personal needs and preferences. That’s why we can never say that one casino site is definitively the best bitcoin casino UK or anywhere else,, because we all have different likes and dislikes. The best option for you may not be the best option for someone else, and vice versa.

However, what we hope to do is provide you with suggestions and expert guidance, so you can start discovering where is right for you, knowing all our recommendations deliver the highest of standards.


The world of bitcoin really does open up so many new opportunities for people, especially those seeking a perfect bitcoin casino UK site that they can enjoy with the added security and anonymity that cryptocurrencies afford.

Of course, there are other cryptocurrencies available too, including those which offer even more with regards faster payments, but right now, nothing has the crossover appeal and the sheer variety of options as bitcoin. For that reason, we think it is one of the best options available, with a huge selection of great online casinos to choose from.

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