Best Bitcoin Casinos in Australia

When we talk about the best bitcoin casino in Australia, we’re really talking about any casino site which has the legendary cryptocurrency as an option. Crypto gambling is, by its very nature, international.

So, whether we’re looking for a bitcoin casino in Australia, one in Europe or even America, often the same names come up time and time again. That’s because when it comes to crypto gambling casinos, it’s the same qualities we look for, and we’re going to break them down here so you know exactly how we’ll be choosing which bitcoin casino Australia sites to recommend. You’ll also know what to look for if you plan on doing your own research.

There really is a huge amount of amazing options for anyone looking for their best bitcoin casino Australia. Remember that finding a high quality option isn’t the issue, but finding something that’s perfect for your individual needs? Well, that may take a little more work.

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Comparing the Best Bitcoin Casinos AU

Who should make use of the comparison?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re already looking for your best bitcoin casino Australia site. However, if you haven’t decided if this cryptocurrency is for you, let’s outline who we think it benefits most.

One of the key features of bitcoin is security and anonymity. So, if those are things which concern you, this may be an ideal option. This becomes especially important in a country like Australia where people often turn to foreign operators. Another important thing to consider is that a lot of people who use bitcoin do so because they simply want more choice – and better choice, at that.

Far from being a compromise, the best bitcoin casino Australia sites should be able to stand up to any traditional option. As bitcoin is the most commonly utilised cryptocurrency, it’s a top choice for casino aficionados. The only real downside to bitcoin is that it may be a little slower in terms of transactions than some other cryptocurrency options, which pride themselves on fast payouts.

Beyond that, a bitcoin casino Australia site is an ideal choice for those who want a mixture of variety, quality and security.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

Despite its mainstream popularity, there’s still plenty of misconceptions when it comes to bitcoin and what you can expect from a bitcoin casino Australia. Perhaps it’s all the talk of crypto trading and crypto mining that leaves people feeling out of their depth. This is merely terminology though, and doesn’t mean the practical usage of bitcoin need be intimidating.

Furthermore, the standards for a bitcoin casino in Australia are exactly the same as your traditional options, including security and fairness. This is what we do to check the quality of all operators, regardless of payment methods. As you can see, there’s no leeway given for bitcoin casino sites in Australia in our reviews.

Terms and conditions

One easy way of getting an early impression of the kind of casino you’re dealing with is to check their terms and conditions. We start with the general one and check their entire policies when it comes to everything from bonuses to how they treat your private data.

Going through all these sections is something people often skip, which is why we consider it so important to pay attention to, because a poor casino may take advantage of that fact. A good terms and conditions section should be clear and transparent.

Responsible gaming

This is something we can do while actually checking the terms and conditions but we view it as so important that we felt we’d discuss it individually. Responsible gaming standards are vital when it comes to assessing the quality of operators. People who don’t feel they need that help tend to ignore this but consider just how much it says about the care a casino has for their users.

A lack of responsible gaming advice, links and practical options really gives a poor impression of how any customer can expect to be treated, which is why we take it so seriously.


People often wrongly think that choosing a bitcoin casino in Australia means they don’t have to look for licenses. Regardless of payment options, licenses are a really important way of checking an operator is both legitimate and trustworthy, not to mention they’re actually accountable to a governing body.

Now, being an Australian player means you may not know which licenses to look for. Plus, there are many and they differ in standards. We always look for the most coveted and highly respected licenses when finding which casinos to recommend.


Another misconception when finding the best bitcoin casino Australia is that because the user is utilising a cryptocurrency, they don’t have to worry about other safety measures. While bitcoin absolutely does have both security and anonymity advantages over traditional options, it doesn’t mean your security is bulletproof in every other regard.

Your information – even if there’s less of it to see – could still be stolen if the betting site isn’t utilising encryption, making it an absolute must for anyone seeking a secure site. Luckily, it’s usually pretty easy to find, and we’ll often come across it in the terms and conditions, in the Help section or at the bottom of the page.

Verified games

Whether you’re interested in slot games, table games or any other kind of crypto casino game in your pursuit of your best bitcoin casino Australia, it’s vital that all of those games are random and fair, giving you a solid chance of winning. This isn’t merely down to guesswork or reputation either, as plenty of great casinos actually get their games independently audited to prove this.

Remember that no casino is worth your time if they’re not being open and honest when it comes to a legitimate and reasonable chance of winning.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

The security tests we’ve just discussed make up merely one part of our examination to help you determine the best bitcoin casino Australia for you. We also conduct a large series of additional tests which we’re going to discuss in a moment. Before we move onto that, we’re going to discuss our aims with these tests.

What’s important to us is that we set a certain standard for you to expect from your chosen casino. Ultimately, casinos are supposed to be enjoyed and nothing can rip the fun from them faster than worrying they aren’t worthy of your trust, time or money.

We also understand that not everyone will want the same casinos and our aim isn’t to tell you where to sign up. It’s to set a benchmark so you can explore and discover the world of bitcoin casino Australia and beyond with ease of mind, knowing the operators recommended hit certain standards. This way, you can focus on what you enjoy, like the best slots or taking advantage of a rather striking looking Australia bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, rather than getting let down by bad operators.

This is how our experts test operators

In addition to those security checks, our experts conduct a series of other tests to ensure all our recommendations for any bitcoin casino Australia site are of the highest possible standards. With that in mind, let’s check out exactly what we do when analysing a potential recommendation.

1. We play some games

This test may seem obvious but there’s no better way of finding out what it’s like to play games at a bitcoin casino Australia than to actually do it ourselves. So, we check out and play as many games as we can to get an idea of the quality of the experience.

2. Chat to customer service

One area often overlooked until it’s needed is customer service. Firstly, we’ll check which options are actually available, before seeing how quickly and effectively they respond.

3. Have a look at their Help section

Of course, actually getting in contact with customer service isn’t always necessary. Often, you can find the answer to your questions through the Help section. We see just how comprehensive, easy to find and understand this is. Speaking of easy to find…

4. Examine how the site looks and is structured

The site design can be broken down into three categories: two of which we’ll be looking at here. First is how the site looks. Now, this obviously comes down to preference, so we’ll simply be ensuring everything is presentable rather than making style judgements.

We’ll also be checking out the structure to ensure we can find everything we need and everything is laid out logically.

5. See how the site performs on a technical level

Finally, we see how the site performs on a technical level. This means we’re looking for any signs of slowdown, technical hiccups or things like broken links. One great test for this is the live casino, as that’s often where the technical side is pushed to its highest level.

6. Check out the variety of games and experiences

We obviously can’t play every game on a casino – at least, not on a very good one. Instead, we get an idea of the quality by playing a select few we view as representative of the casino, often through which software developers are behind them. We’ll then see how much choice there is to come to a conclusion on the variety of experiences available.

7. Analyse the banking options

While the focus here is bitcoin, we also pay attention to what other options are available, as variety can only mean more people get to enjoy the site. We also check how competent the site seems in this regard and how easy they make the banking process in general, from your crypto wallet to them, and back again.

8. Have a look at their history and reputation

Naturally, our experience can only take us so far. We also research the history and reputation of the operator to see if our experiences seem typical of what other people have to say about them.

9. See what promotions are available

Just because you’re looking for a best bitcoin casino Australia as opposed to a traditional payment option doesn’t mean you can expect anything less from promotions. That means your love of free spins doesn’t need to go unsatisfied. You may even find a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus 2020 Australia offer that you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy otherwise.  

10. Make those security checks

Our key tests compromises the security checks mentioned in that previous section. It’s arguably the most important thing we look at because nothing should take priority over your safety online.

Finding the right operator for you

Alongside all the other checks we conduct to ensure your search for the best bitcoin casino Australia is thorough, we also appreciate that different operators appeal to different platers.

Just to be clear, some sites are objectively better than others in their quality, offering and security. Of course, there are different standards across the huge amount of operators that are out there. However, as we have said previously, we only recommend bookmakers that meet our high standards.

Beyond those standards, there are different sites which appeal to different audiences, and your choice between them comes down to more subjective factors. Casinos have different focuses, designs, atmospheres and products in general. While one may be perfect for you, another could be perfect for somebody else depending on their tastes and preferences.

That’s why we want you to view our recommendations as a jumping off point. You still need to check out these options yourself in order to see which best suits you. So, remember, when you’re looking for your best bitcoin casino Australia, the right choice for you is personal, and so long as you’re ensuring they’re of a high standard, the best casino is simply the one you prefer.


Bitcoin is a great way of opening up virtual doors in pretty much every capacity. For Australians, there couldn’t be a better example of this than online casinos, with so many players registering to offshore operators. It means they can go from a situation where they may be struggling to find online casino options, to having more than they could ever need.

In fact, the problem might be that you have so many bitcoin casino Australia options and don’t know where to begin. If bitcoin’s job is opening a world full of casinos, our job is to help direct you to the ones which are worth your time and consideration.

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