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GTbets Review 2020

GTbets Review 2020

GTbets is new and has a dubious history. It was launched by buying out the site’s VIP Sportsbook, BetGameDay, and NINE. They ended up paying out $40,000 to the old players of those sites. As VIP Sportsbook was one of the most crooked of crypto casinos, this makes you wonder. That said they did honor the payments of those sites and appear to be operating on the straight and narrow these days. They do have low limits, which limit their exposure. We feel the GTbets would be fine for casual players but a site that high rollers would want to ignore. It also offers no casino gambling.

GTbets: Pros & Cons
  • Fair odds
  • Accepts a wide variety of payment options
  • Good welcome offer
  • Great for American sports
  • Connection to VIP Sportsbook is suspicious

GTbets Bonus Offers

GTbets has a two-stepped bonus offer. First, they offer a 100% matching bonus on your first deposit up to $500. Then on your second deposit, they offer 50% in matching funds up to $250. That gives you an incentive to stick around. You can’t withdraw the deposits as cash, they have to be played through. This welcome offer is good and features in our GTbets review. It allows you some flexibility and the chance to check out the site and see if it has what you are looking for.

We like matching funds as opposed to free bets because it gives people more flexibility. Similar to our review, our GTbets review when it comes to bonuses is fairly high. It shows they are trying to do the right thing to get players to stick around. And it also brings it into the fold of a legitimate online sportsbook. We will continue to track GTbets to make sure they are being honest.

Usability, Look & Feel

GTbets has a black and orange color scheme. This makes everything easy to read. You are not swamped with pop-ups or any advertisements. That gains them a plus in our GTbets review. The site is easy to use, and the functions are intuitive. They seem to have stripped the site down from what it used to be and that’s a good thing. Finding what you want to bet on is easy and people appreciate that. There isn’t a lot of flash here and that’s a good thing.

GTbets seems to understand that they have to fly a bit under the radar at first while they work to get their reputation. This all goes over well for us as is reflected in our GTbets review. We understand that taking over a site with a bad reputation is a hard task and they seem to be doing well with it. We will wait and see what the future brings to them.

Crypto & Fiat Payments

While GTbets accepts a large number of ways to deposit money if you use the site you are going to want to have Bitcoin. That’s because there are only three withdrawal methods – Bitcoin, wire transfer, and QuickCash. Of those three methods, only Bitcoin is free from withdrawal fees. If you withdraw via wire transfer you’ll have to pay a $40 fee. If you withdraw to QuickCash you’ll have to pay $50 or 8% of the amount you are withdrawing, whichever is larger.

Sadly, we have to say that in our GTbets review this earns them negative points. If they accept Visa and MasterCard – which they do – you should be able to withdraw through them. Plus, there should never be any fees associated with making a withdrawal. You won that money and should be able to collect it. Also, for a site trying to build its reputation, this is not the way to go.

Customer Service

GTbets is a bit off when it comes to customer service. They are only open between 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. EST Monday through Friday. Serious online sportsbooks have their customer service open 24 hours a day seven days a week. You can bet that that goes into our GTbets review. That said when they are open, they are excellent. Their live chat gets a response during business hours within seconds. Their customer service email response is within two or three hours.

We tested both out and found that they gave the correct responses to questions. They also have a phone number you can call should you have any questions. All of that is good, but the limited amount of time when you can call them is not good. Our GTbets review would have been all positive on customer service but we have to discount them for their limited hours.

License & Security

GTbets is fully licensed in Curaçao. That means that it has to be inspected regularly. That speaks well to us. It means that none of the games are rigged. Since they are only offering sports betting that should not be a surprise. But it also means they have the funds to cover all bets made on the system. Given the history of the site, they bought that’s a good thing. Their encryption is up to date so your money should be safe both going to GTbets and coming back from GTbets.

As we mention in our BetWinner review, that earns points for GTbets. You need to protect yourself on your end as well. Run a regular virus check on your computer to make sure you are not compromised. Other than that, we have no reason to think there are any security issues involved in GTbets. They seem to be trying to get themselves in order and obey all of the laws.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

GTbets VIP program is called Game Time Rewards. As you bet you earn points towards the program. You can then exchange those points for various things including tickets to raffles for interesting prizes. Most will probably exchange them for bonus funds, though some people might like merchandise. Whatever you trade them for will be good value and they seem to have put a lot of thought into their VIP program.

For this, in our GTbets review, we give them a lot of points. They have thought long and hard about how to offer a VIP program and then delivered the goods in a great way. This goes a long way to making us think GTbets is becoming a legitimate company. They want people to keep coming back to their site and are willing to reward them for doing so. That speaks volumes towards them trying to be honest and fair.

GTbets Sports Betting

Betting Markets

GTbets only has American sports to bet on, and no esports gambling. Of that, they cover all the major ones from NFL to NBA. They do offer some European soccer leagues but that’s it. That said for a site trying to build up its good name that’s not a bad thing and our GTbets review does not downgrade them for this. It’s a specialized betting market but a decent one.

Their odds are good. This seems like a proactive way for them to get their name out and draw in people who want to play. It’s a good move for a company trying to build its reputation.


When it comes to limits, they are low. NFL and NBA bettors will be able to bet $5,000 on sides. MLB, NCAA basketball, and football all have a $3,000 max on sides while the NHL is set at $2,000. All totals have a cap of $1,000, except for the NFL and NHL. The NFL has a $2,000 max and the NHL with a paltry $500. All other events, including all soccer contests, have a max cap of $500 for sides and totals. You’ll notice just how low that is compared to other sportsbooks.

We feel this is the company’s way of making sure they can cover all bets. As such our GTbets review gives them points for this. They know they are built on a site that could not cover all of the best they received so they want to be sure they can cover them. That will put off people who want to make huge bets. But they can find their sites to do that. We feel that GTbets is fine for the average player who just wants to put $20 down on a game. If you need to bet $500 or more on a match you can find another site to do that at.

Live Betting & Streaming

Live betting during matches is limited at GTbets. So much so that we don’t recommend taking part in it on the site. If you want to bet on games that are in progress you can find a site that will take your bet. Our GTbets review does downgrade our rating of the site a bit for just how limited the live betting is. That said it may just be a way for them to minimize their risks and make sure they can pay out any bets made on the site.

Their live streaming of matches is also somewhat limited. The ones they do live stream tend to be big matches. On smaller matches, there seems to be no live stream. They do provide animations depicting what is going on in most American sports. Or you can follow their constant score updates. Still, this is not the site we would choose if we wanted to live stream a game. Instead, this is where we’d go to place a bet and then watch a match in our local pub. Our GTbets review does downgrade them a bit for not having a better live streaming service. A lot of this, however, may have to do with the fact that they mostly offer American sports which may present copyright issues.

Product Summary & Conclusion

GTbets seems to be a casino that is trying its best to overcome the stigma of the sites it bought. That leaves them being a little bit cheap on the amount people can bet and they don’t seem that invested in live streaming games. That said they are creating a good reputation for themselves and they are leaving room to expand on to bigger and better things. Hence why our GTbets review is mostly positive. They seem to be putting in the hard work they need to.

There have been no reports of a GTbets scam. GTbets seems legit. GTbets seems safe. In our GTbets test, everything worked perfectly. GTbets withdrawal worked. GTbets deposit also worked. We were impressed by what GTbets is trying to do.

Our GTbets review is mostly positive. While it wouldn’t be where you would want to go if you were looking to bet heavy, that’s honestly the smallest number of bettors. Most people just want to lay down a bit of money and see if they win. If that’s you GTbets may be perfect. They certainly seem to know what they are doing. And if you are an American with Bitcoin who wants to lay down $20 on the Giants, you’ll find your perfect home here. We hope our GTbets review demonstrates that for you.

Overall Conclusion

GTbets rose from the ashes of a compromised sportsbook. They seem to have taken the good that was left behind and rejected the bad. They did compensate the people who had gotten ripped off by the other sportsbooks which they were under no obligation to do. That’s a good sign. While the amount you can bet is limited that won’t be a problem for most people betting on the site. More worrisome is the fact that you pretty much have to withdraw with Bitcoin. If you have Bitcoin that’s not a problem. If you don’t you will probably want to find another site. We feel that GTbets is doing a good job of building their reputation. In a few years, we could see it being one of the most popular crypto betting sites.

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