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5Dimes Review 2021

5Dimes Review 2021

5Dimes has been around forever. That leads us to trust it. While its casino is not as robust as some other sites it makes up for that with its sports betting. The reason to come to 5Dimes is for the great odds you can get on sports. Their bonus isn’t as good as other places but if you are looking for somewhere to bet for the long haul 5Dimes may be for you. You can only make deposits with Visa or Bitcoin. They will charge you a lot of money if you want to withdraw to your Visa, so you only want to go to 5Dimes if you have Bitcoin to bet with.

5Dimes: Pros & Cons
  • Odds are great
  • Lots of sports, including esports gambling
  • A casino when you want a break from sports betting
  • Great customer reviews
  • Somewhat low betting limits

5Dimes Bonus Offers

5Dimes offers an odd welcome bonus. You will get 50% in matching funds up to $200 with your first deposit. If you first deposit it more than that you will get 20% in matching funds on your first deposit. The maximum amount you can make with your first deposit is $2,000. This is considerably lower than nearly every other site. Our 5Dimes review reflects this.

Offering matching funds costs an online sportsbook almost no money because of play through requirements. You would think 5Dimes would be a little bit more generous than they are. Because the rest of the site is so well run, we can’t think why their welcome bonus is structured so oddly. Our best guess is that they are looking for long term players and aren’t that bothered about bringing new ones on board. Either way, they suffer for it in our 5Dimes review.

Usability, Look & Feel

5Dimes has a simple layout. You will never have to wonder how to make your bet. It’s all labeled and clearly explained. In our 5Dimes review, we give them a lot of credit for how they have set up their site. It’s so easy to navigate.

And that’s also true on their apps. They thought this through. But we guess that’s what comes from nearly 30 years in business. Our 5Dimes review of their look and feel is positive. They have an excellent sense of how to set up a sportsbook well and are committed to doing so.

Crypto & Fiat Payments

With 5Dimes you can make your deposits through either Visa or Bitcoin. With Bitcoin you will pay no fees on either the deposit or withdrawal. If you use Visa, you will have to pay some sort of fee to make your deposit. They claim this fee is “variable.”

Credit Card

With a withdrawal, you can send money to your Visa or get your cash through a direct wire transfer. The fees on these are also “variable” but tend to be in the $40 to $80 range. You are far better off when you use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transfers – both in and out – will happen nearly instantly. When you withdraw in any other method you are going to be waiting five to seven days to get your money.

Customer Service

5Dimes customer service is excellent, which helps them out quite a bit in our 5Dimes review. They have live chat and phone service you can call up with you need to talk to someone. They also allow you to contact them via email if there is a problem that will require you to send them documents to sort out.

They seem to have all of the bases covered at 5Dimes. If only other crypto casinos took customer service this seriously. If you have a problem 5Dimes is there for you and we give them a lot of credit for that in our 5Dimes review.

License & Security

5Dimes is registered and licensed in Costa Rica. That means you can trust them to be safe and fair. Costa Rica looks at sites closely before giving them a license and once they are licensed. 5Dimes has used the most sophisticated software available to make sure your money is secure both when you send it to them and when they send it back to you. Our 5Dimes review gives them a decent amount of credit for this.

You should also keep your part of the program secure as well by regularly running virus checks on your computer. Remember a transaction is only as safe as both ends of the chain. That said 5Dimes is as safe as shopping at Amazon so you really shouldn’t worry too much. They’ve taken the time and effort to make sure that you can use them securely. This is a good thing and part of our excellent 5Dimes review.

Costa Rica

Rewards & Loyalty Program

5Dimes does not seem to have a VIP program which we find odd. They could simply have one and not advertise it on the site. But from what we can determine one doesn’t seem to exist. We find that odd for a site that does most everything else right. That leads us to think that there is probably a private VIP program that you have to be invited to join. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

Still, we have to downgrade them a bit in our 5Dimes review for not making any sort of VIP program public on their site. They may think that offering good odds is the way to keep people playing but also offering some sort of rewards program is a good thing as well. We’d love to hear from 5Dimes about whether or not they do have a loyalty program for their biggest players.

5Dimes Sports Betting

Betting Markets

5Dimes has every sport you could think of wagering on from the NFL to soccer and more. They even have competitive eating contests you can bet on and various international elections. If you want to place a bet on anything 5Dimes will have it on offer. There is no sport we can think of that isn’t covered by them.

There does not seem to be a 5Dimes scam. 5Dimes seems legit. 5Dimes seems safe. We did a 5Dimes test and found that to make a 5Dimes deposit works well. As did a 5Dimes withdrawal. This all plays well into our 5Dimes review.


The odds offered by 5Dimes are incredible. They also have the most types of bets of any site we’ve reviewed. From in-game bets to parlays to accumulators they have everything covered. You can always find what you want to bet on at 5Dimes. Our 5Dimes review is much boosted by this.

Live Betting & Streaming

The same goes for live streaming. And it’s easy to load up on both the site and the app. It all works well. If a match isn’t available for live streaming, they will have animations up to show you what is going on with the game. They will also keep scores updated constantly during all matches.


Betting limits are where things get a little bit odd. The limits on straight bets are $5,000 per bet. The limit on in-game bets is $500 per bet. That’s a little bit on the low end. This implies that they are trying to get in a lot of bets from lower-level players and not looking for whales. This may play into why they don’t have a VIP program.

Product Summary & Conclusion

5Dimes is set up as a great casino if you can bet with Bitcoin. That’s not that much of a critique but it should be out there. They also seem to not have a VIP program which is a bad thing. They do have a lot of great sports. They do have a ton of live streaming. And the best part is that their odds are incredible. Nowhere else offers the odds that they do.

We were also quite a fan of their customer service which is excellent. All of these things figure into our 5Dimes review. There are a few things on the site we’d like them to address – most notably the VIP program and the betting limits. But 5Dimes is an excellent site to place bets on.

5Dimes Casino


5Dimes has only one software provider for its online casino, Realtime Gaming, and it’s not the biggest one around. This means you won’t find the most popular games here.

You have about 40 video slot machines and they also have the standard table games. This means you can play animated versions of blackjack and baccarat. It almost seems just like an offshoot they tacked on. Our 5Dimes review reflects this. They have no information on what their 10 most popular games are.

Live Casino

They do have a well-run Live Casino. This is where they stick a video camera in a casino and then invite you in to play. The best live casino games to play at 5Dimes are blackjack and roulette. Our 5Dimes review reflects this is a positive way.

They claim to have video poker, but we could not find it on the site. 5Dimes doesn’t seem to have put that much effort at this point into their casino experience. Other operators have well-known providers and provide hundreds of games. 5Dimes simply does not. This downgrades them quite a bit in our 5Dimes review, which reminds us of our Betwinner review as well.

If this were another casino, we would think that they are simply growing and will expand their casino offerings in the future. But 5Dimes has been around for 30 years. At this point, if they were going to offer more casino stuff they already would have. All of their efforts have gone into their sportsbook.


The limits vary from game to game. You won’t get to make any high bets, but you can generally find $50 a game blackjack and $50 a spin roulette. In our 5Dimes review, we give them a neutral rating for their limits.

Product Summary & Conclusion

5Dimes seem to reluctantly have a casino. Yes, it’s well organized and easy to find a game there. But that’s simply because they don’t have that many games on offer. And you won’t find any popular video slot machines on the site. Instead, you get ones that nobody has heard of. Yes, those games are often fun but if you want to play a certain game you want that game and some random one just won’t do it. We did deduct points in our 5Dimes review because of this, much like our bitcasino.io review. It just doesn’t seem to make sense that they can have such an amazing sportsbook but lack of providing casino offers. They would be better off offering no online casino.

5Dimes certainly has the experience to offer a world-class casino if they wanted to. This leads us to believe that that is not their plan. So why offer a casino. Other sportsbooks have done just fine sticking to allowing people to bet on sports. It seems like 5Dimes could do the same with their sportsbook. Shoehorning in a casino does not seem like the greatest response. We have to downgrade 5Dimes in our review for the state of their casino – as much as it pains us to do so.

Overall Conclusion

5Dimes offers an excellent sportsbook. It has every sport you could think of. It has great odds. And if you use Bitcoin it has instant transfers without any fees. If you want to use your Visa we’d advise going to another site. Their customer service is excellent. They set their maximum bets a bit low but should be fine for most average gamblers.

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