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The world of online gambling advances so quickly and so drastically that it can be difficult to comprehend just how much things have changed. It wasn’t so long ago when your only options for gambling were to head down to the local bookmaker or casino and place your bets in person.

This is inconvenient for many. Plenty of people don’t live close to these facilities and others work hours where their only real option is to be able to bet on the go, not to mention everyone who simply prefers to bet at home or on their phone. Not only that but many people also live in areas that  have restrictive gambling laws. This means that they may not have been able to go bet anywhere locally.

The internet changed so much of this for the better. For instance, in many countries, there aren’t any local casinos but you can bet online using regulated offshore sites. Another point is that the overall field of competition widened, meaning more options and better quality betting sites all around. Just check out the generosity found on promotional pages for proof of this.

The introduction of online cryptocurrency gambling enhances things further, allowing people to bet where they want with anonymity, privacy and security. Once again, the competition here is fierce, meaning you’ll need a little help to separate the best crypto gambling sites from the rest.

This is where we come in. Not only will we go through all the details for why crypto gambling is such a revolution in online gaming, but also how you can find the right crypto gambling casino for you.

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The Best Online Crypto Gambling Sites

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  • Multiple welcome bonuses
  • Decent sport selection
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  • Live streaming available
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Who is crypto gambling best suited to?

Some people aren’t aware that they’re perfect candidates to take advantage of crypto gambling. In many cases, it’s obvious. If you have a lot of bitcoin, for instance, and you like gambling, then it is pretty much a no-brainer for you to sign up to one of the many bitcoin gambling sites.

Really, the only reason someone would not in this instance is if they either weren’t aware these kinds of sites existed, or they have the mistaken impression that bitcoin gambling sites would be of a lower quality than any other kind of gambling site.

First things first, before we go into more detail about what kind of target audience is perfect for crypto gambling, we want to state that a betting site offering crypto currencies should be held to the exact same standards of quality as any other. We can also assure you that there are plenty of examples that can stand amongst the best of the best in the betting industry.

Other people who would benefit from crypto gambling sites are also, of course, anyone who has an amount of any other kind of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin gambling sites may be the most common, but there’s a betting site out there for almost any currency option you can think og.

In fact, the only reason we don’t say all is because cryptocurrencies develop at such an astonishingly rapid rate. With that said, the most well-known and commonly used cryptocurrencies will mean more options generally, although you should be able to find a quality option no matter your pick.

If you don’t currently utilize cryptocurrency but care deeply about maintaining your privacy, anonymity and security when using betting sites then it is something worth considering, as these go far beyond traditional payment methods can in that regard.

Relevant to this is the need to use cryptocurrencies because of issues with traditional payment types that are available to you. There’s plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t simply be able to log on and pay with a debit card, for instance, including the laws and regulations in your country of residence. Crypto gambling bypasses many of these logistical issues and allows a much more open, free and versatile market.

Lastly, you may simply want to utilize this new market for the sake of having more options available to you. As large as the betting market is generally, there’s nothing wrong with checking out and making the most out of all the possibilities the vastness of the online betting world has to offer you.

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Top 5 steps for utilizing crypto gambling for a secure & fair experience

One of the key reasons that crypto gambling is so popular is naturally because of the security and anonymity that it offers. However, while it is absolutely true that you can use bitcoin gambling sites to feel more secure when betting online, that doesn’t mean you can assume that using a cryptocurrency necessarily means you can rest easy when it comes to ensuring you’re getting a fair and secure betting experience. There are still a number of things you will need to take into account when choosing which operator to sign up to.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of absolutely everything you will need to consider, here are our top five steps for ensuring a safe crypto gambling experience.

Ensure that the bookmaker you use is trustworthy.

People often forget when they are utilising a bitcoin gambling site – or any other kind of crypto site for that matter – that just because your payment type is secure, that doesn’t mean that the betting site you are using is trustworthy. You should be looking, for instance, to ensure that the casino games you are playing are provably fair and random.

This is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t allow crypto gambling to lull you into a false sense of security. So, you could deposit funds safely and privately, but then when you place your bets, an unfair game is still an unfair game, meaning your funds are being taken from you via an untrustworthy practitioner. As you can see, just because your funds aren’t being stolen from a bank account  doesn’t mean this any less unfair.

Other things to consider are licensing and the general reputation of the site. The former ensures that the crypto gambling site is operating above the law, while the latter goes deeper into ensuring that the experience more generally is up to standards.

Other things that you can check is whether they take responsible gaming seriously and whether their terms and conditions are set out clearly, such as through a privacy policy. Although they may affect your experience in a more indirect way, they do provide an impression of how responsible the bookmaker is and that’s incredibly valuable when finding one you can trust.

Use trusted sources

The bookmakers you check out won’t be a shot in the dark. You almost certainly will have heard about them from somewhere or from someone. That means that the quality of the bookmakers we end up shortlisting for our consideration – whether they are crypto gambling sites, bitcoin gambling sites, or any other kind from litecoin and dogecoin to your more traditional bookmakers – will be a direct result of the reliability of that source.

That is why we take what we do so seriously and only recommend betting sites that we consider to be among the absolute best betting sites around. When it comes to the upper echelon of crypto gambling sites, as is the case generally, there’s often not one operator that is objectively better than another.

People have different needs and preferences, and while one may be better suited to you, another site may be better for someone else. That’s why you need to check them out for yourself, to see which is right for you and for your tastes, needs and interests. However, using trusted sources ensures that there is a baseline standard for all your crypto gambling needs. While you should still always do your own checks and instinct to ensure the security of a site, this will go an awful long way in making that process easier.

Use a secure wallet

This is true of any kind of cryptocurrency type but ensuring that you are using a secure wallet is absolutely vital if you want to actually enjoy the security benefits which come with this type of payment. If this sounds complicated or you are unfamiliar with crypto wallets, don’t worry.

They are simply where you store your money, just like any other account but just more secure. Not only that but there’s a whole bunch of options for you to choose from, including desktop and mobile wallets to those you access online and more if you want further advanced security options. Secure e-wallets are simply a vital part of making the most out of whatever you use cryptocurrency for, and there’s plenty of choice – but do choose wisely.

Use trusted cryptocurrencies

While generally cryptocurrencies should always be more secure than traditional payment methods, not all crypto coins are made equal. And we aren’t necessarily talking about trustworthiness in terms of anything scam related either – although sadly, that’s something you need to look out for in all online interactions – but also in the sense that you want to choose a cryptocurrency that has a stable market.

Now, no market is truly stable and cryptocurrencies are known for volatile markets. However, you want to take as little risk as you can manage in this regard, as well as ensuring that your choice is legitimate. Picking a cryptocurrency that is trusted is a huge part of this.

Luckily, the market is quite self-regulated, as the most trustworthy options are also usually the most widely available in the gambling market, and indeed, more generally. That’s why you find more bitcoin gambling sites than any other kind, although plenty of other great options are available.

Have the exact same standards as you would for a traditional betting site

One thing we want to make clear is whether it’s bitcoin gambling sites or crypto gambling sites more generally, there’s no reason not to maintain the exact same expectations and standards as you would have for traditional betting sites. The amount of competition out there for crypto gambling sites is vast, meaning that the top quality here should be just as high as you can expect anywhere. And we’re not just talking about security or reliability standards here: we’re also referring to the quality of the site generally.

You should consider how enjoyable the site is to use, how many markets it has, the quality of the customer service, the technological prowess of its live betting and so on: everything that makes a great betting site, well, great. That’s because when we talk about reliability and we talk about security and fairness, we also mean in terms of the quality of your betting experience generally.

Editor’s recommendation – the best cryptocurrencies

We’ve talked about the importance of choosing a cryptocurrency that is right for you and your crypto betting site. Whether you’re looking to play slot games or any other kind of casino games, getting this right is very important in ensuring you have an enjoyable online betting experience.

These five crypto coins are far from the only cryptocurrencies available, but they are what we consider to be five of the best, most reliable and widely available.

1. Bitcoin

Really, we couldn’t go with anything else for our number one spot. Bitcoin is the original, the most widely known, trusted and used cryptocurrency around. In fact, it is so synonymous with the concept generally that bitcoin gambling sites and crypto gambling sites are often terms that are used interchangeably.

Although we don’t want to give the impression that bitcoin is the only game in town – we’re about to go through the many other fabulous options available – the fact that we have to clarify that there are other options is surely a testament to bitcoin’s astounding appeal.

2. Bitcoin Cash

If you’re looking for something similar to bitcoin, well, they don’t get closer than bitcoin cash. However, this is no rip off and it does come with its own advantages. It is probably best to think of bitcoin cash as a sibling of its better known bigger brother.

It actually came about due to issues with the scalability of bitcoin, which affects transaction speed. This is a huge issue for those concerned with fast payouts. Bitcoin cash allows more transactions to be completed and also aims to reduce fees.

3. Ethereum

There may not be as many Ethereum casinos the same way there are countless bitcoin gambling sites, but don’t underestimate the scale nor the impact of this hugely popular option.

Similar to bitcoin in how it works, it goes its own way when it comes to faster transactions, the elimination of third parties and the fact that transactions are verified by hundreds of other users, helping to secure and record it. With more and more crypto gambling sites accepting Ethereum, this is a solid choice.

4. Litecoin

This is another great option for those who consider the speed of their transactions to be paramount to their enjoyment. This is partially down to this cryptocoin’s less complicated algorithms, which makes it easier for miners to crack. For reference, transactions can be processed in under 3 minutes, whereas it can take 10 minutes for bitcoin. Finally there’s a larger supply of currency, which may be more suitable for your needs.

5. Ripple

Last but not least is Ripple. This is another cryptocoin that prides itself on its fast transactions – perhaps even more so, as it’s one of the key things which Ripple is known for, with transactions taking mere seconds. If time is of the essence, you can’t do much better than this. Low transaction fees are also a big part of its appeal, and with huge names like Google Ventures backing it, Ripple is becoming more and more legitimate by the day.

This is how our experts test operators

There are so many different things to take into account when trying to pick the right bookmaker that it can be difficult to know where to start, whether you’re looking for a bitcoin gambling site or any other kind.

Here, we are going to break down some of the main things we look for when testing operators so you can see just how much vigorous work goes into ensuring we only provide recommendations for the best and the brightest.

Payment options

Considering that this article is all about payment options, it felt fitting that this is where we start off. Indeed, having the payment option you want accepted by the betting site is utterly vital to your experience. As such, we view a greater variety of quality payment methods to be vital to our recommendation, as well as the availability of fast transaction times and low fees.

Security and reliability

We’ve talked about this at length but there is nothing more important than your security when it comes to picking a bookmaker. This means we have the absolute highest standards when it comes to licensing, software reliability (i.e. provably fair and random games), fair banking, a good reputation and more. We consider perfection to be the only acceptable outcome for everything to do with this category.

Customer service

This is a big part of reliability but we felt it was important enough to merit its own section here. Customer service is a vital part of your online betting experience, both from a practical point and in terms of simple enjoyment.

Practically, no matter how good a site is, some people will have issues they need to talk through with someone. And in terms of enjoyment, there’s nothing that will ruin a good time faster than not being able to get an issue solved. In general, bad customer service can quickly sour your impression of a site generally, so we always put the site’s support to the test before recommending it to you.

Site design

We understand that part of site design is aesthetic and that’s much more of a subjective thing than much of what we have discussed here. However, getting a site that looks and feels right is important to your enjoyment and, of course, that’s ultimately what this is all about – having a good time.

While we can’t tell you what you like looks wise, we do try to recommend betting sites which we think will have more supporters than detractors in this regard. There are also things like structure when it comes to design – in other words, how well the site is laid out and how easy it is to use – which can be objectively good or bad. We ensure that everything we recommend is as user-friendly as it is impressive.

Quality and quantity of games

Ultimately, when we are looking at casinos sites, the bread and butter is always the games. You can get a general sense of the quality of the games by checking out the software developers involved. Big name software developers with a great reputation mean great games, and on top of that, it’s usually possible to check whether they have been independently audited and proved objectively random and fair. Of course, there’s also the variety, which should become apparent after a few clicks on any good casino.

Generous promotions

Last but not least are promotions. While perhaps not quite as baseline important as security, with so much quality and choice out there, there’s simply no reason to go without. We don’t just check for the quantity of these promotional offers either, as we deep dive into the terms and conditions to ensure they offer great value and quality too.

Finding the right operator for you

Getting a betting site that’s right for you is a mixture of personal needs, preferences, the subjective and the objective, all coming together to end up with something that is perfect for you. That could be a bitcoin gambling site or it could be a household name. More and more often nowadays, it could be both.

We can’t say what is right for you, however, what we can say is that cryptocurrencies offer a great solution to the privacy, security and logistical issues that many people discover when looking for their perfect betting site. And, we can help point you in the direction of the crypto betting sites, which we think are amongst the best out there – and we only have the highest of expectations for everything we recommend.

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to cryptocurrency, and especially when you combine that with betting sites. However, just because something is new, that doesn’t mean it needs to be intimidating. With the right cryptocurrency choice, and the right betting site, we hope that you can find a combination that is right for you with our help and guidance.

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