Best Crypto Trading Platforms Canada 2021

With cryptocurrencies managing to gain so much favor over the past decade, it’s no wonder that demand for crypto trading platforms has never been higher.

Crypto trading platforms serve as the operating system for any cryptocurrency trades that are made throughout the day. The quality of their service can vary dramatically as new levels of competition have been generated within the industry and each operator is seeking to outdo the next. This page serves as an information tool for anyone looking to get involved.

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Compare the Best Crypto Trading Platforms in Canada

Who Should Make Use Of This Crypto Trading Comparison?

If you are looking to start trading cryptocurrencies or if you are simply doing some research about the industry, you will find a wealth of information available here at Bitreviews Canada. To get started, you can head to our crypto reviews homepage. All of our pages have been put together with the readers in mind and you will find that the information is presented in such a way that anyone can grasp the details. Our researchers strip the service offers of all the marketing tactics and find only the most crucial details of each offer that is presented here.

This comparison is available to anyone interested in a crypto trading platform in Canada. If you are relatively new to the scene, you will be able to find just about every offer out there detailed right here. This will save you valuable time searching for operators and trying to figure out which of them has a quality service on offer. For the experienced traders out there, you will be able to find the specifics surrounding each online service and our comparison tool will serve as your one stop for all of the latest offers on the crypto scene.

To get started with crypto trading, you will first need to have access to an online wallet. This will allow you to store and transact with your crypto units. Check out our Bitcoin wallets page where we take a close look at all of the online wallet service providers.

Crypto Brokers Checklist: Top 5 Steps For A Secure & Fair Trading Experience

With the cryptocurrency trading scene reaching higher levels of demand than ever before, there are plenty of new online operators that have put their services on offer. This has also allowed numerous services to be advertised that are not completely legitimate. In order to keep your money safe and make your trading career a success, our team of experts have put the following five-step recommendation together to help you identify a quality online trading service. Be sure to read over our buy cryptocurrency Canada page to find out about all of your options.


A broker will usually have crypto trading options alongside the large range of trading instruments that are available today. These instruments are strictly regulated and monitored to ensure that there is no illegal money laundering taking place. Most of the online financial service providers in Canada will need to have obtained the relevant licenses from the Canadian Securities Administrators or from the Ontario Securities Commission. This gives the operator the necessary jurisdiction to offer their services to Canadian residents. Be sure to confirm this on their website or within our detailed operator reviews.


Another clear indicator of a quality service is the online broker’s history within the trading industry. This includes when they opened their doors, any controversy since then and the achievements they have managed to make since being open. The history of a broker provides a valuable insight into the future that can be expected with the trading platform. Be sure to research the online operator thoroughly before investing your funds with them. If you are interested in online games, head to our best Bitcoin casino sites page.

Customer care

With any online service, you are bound to run into some bugs or errors within the online page at some point. These are fairly common with online services and it is important that there are a variety of methods available to contact the customer support team. This will also provide a preview of the service you can expect to find with the online operator. It is recommended that you contact the customer support team before you have signed up to go through any queries that you may have regarding their service offer.

Online reputation

The online reputation of any company can very easily be tarnished by mishaps that may have happened while the company has opened its doors. It is worthwhile to browse the internet to determine the online reputation of the operator you are interested in. This will involve some news articles and general presence that the operator has online. If there are plenty of news pieces involving controversy with the online broker, it may be best to avoid the service altogether. Simply Google the broker you are interested in and research some of the results that are presented.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews can also provide a glimpse of what you can expect from online crypto exchanges. These reviews would hopefully have been completed by other customers who have actually made use of the service offer.  It is important to remember that most online reviews tend to be negative and you should browse through a couple before making your final decision regarding the operator. Another reliable indicator is whether or not the broker has responded to the posted customer reviews to see just how involved they are with their online presence.

Editor’s Recommendation – The Best Crypto Trading Platform

All of our comparison pages include a recommendation from our Editor. This is done to offer a starting point for newcomers to the industry. Our Editor has a large amount of experience on the trading scene and is fairly familiar with any crypto trading platform Canada. There have been plenty of giants on the scene and nowadays there are so many offers out there that this may not be the most suitable to your specific needs but it is a reputable starting point.

Our Editor has offered the recommendation of crypto. XM has managed to establish itself as one of the biggest names on the scene and offers all of their customers the ability to trade a wealth of cryptocurrencies. The online broker has a variety of trading instruments available and you will be able to diversify your investment portfolio with ease. XM also has plenty of experience within the industry and has the necessary jurisdiction to operate within Canada. The fees associated with their service were found to be below the average of other service offers on the market. To get an idea of how XM compares to the competition, head to our Plus500 crypto, FPMarkets crypto review and IG Bitcoin pages.

This Is How Our Experts Test Brokers

To better understand just how we have managed to compile our reviews, we will be running through the entire process in this section of the page. Once you know how the reviews are conducted, you can begin to apply the information to your search for the ideal online broker. Crypto trading reviews are becoming more readily available than ever before and our comprehensive review structure will bring you all of the detailed, unbiased facts surrounding each offer.

Each of our reviews begin with a short introduction of the broker and the pros and cons related to their service. These are discussed in much more detail throughout the review. Our team of experts then take a close look at the cryptocurrency options that are available with the specific crypto trading platform Canada. Having a large variety of cryptocurrencies is vital for any broker to succeed as each of them have vastly different values and benefits. It is also important to know exactly what ownership of the crypto units you have, have you just invested in a CFD or do you own the underlying asset?

We then take a look at the other trading instruments that are available with the operator. This includes forex, stocks, options and many more. If a broker has managed to put together a comprehensive trading offer, they will score well in this section of our reviews. The broker’s jurisdiction is then confirmed while we take a closer look at the limits applicable to the service. We also compare the fees that will need to be covered to the competing offers on the market. If you are interested in making some money from the transaction fees associated with crypto, head to our crypto mining page where we detail the entire process.

The most crucial aspect of a broker’s service is then evaluated, the security of their website and trading platform. With the high degree of privacy within crypto trading, it is fairly common for attempts to be made to try and steal your hard earned crypto units. Our team of experts takes a close look at all of the security measures and also ranks the general site usability, look and feel.

With so much competition on the scene, each operator should have a large variety of payment methods and we discuss these in detail within our reviews. The customer service team is also measured to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and easily. Finally, we take a look at the licenses that the broker has managed to obtain and a brief section surrounding their reputation and customer feedback is also presented. If you are a fan of online casino games, be sure to read over our crypto gambling Canada page.

Finding The Right Broker For You

With our reviews to aid you, you will certainly be itching to find out which brokers are out there. It is important to remember that each customer’s needs vary when it comes to crypto trading Canada. You may value an ewallet option for your payment methods with a Canada crypto trading platform, while others may value the range of markets that are available. In order to find the offer that suits you best, we recommend that you put together a list of your personal requirements. This can be done by browsing through reviews like our eToro review or our trade crypto on FXOpen page.

Once you have your requirements, you can then compare these to all of the details listed within our cryptocurrency trading comparison tool. This will allow you to narrow down the options that are available on the market and then our reviews can be used to determine exactly who is your best crypto trading platform Canada. Be sure to thoroughly research each offer before you commit to a single service provider.

Conclusion – Finding The Best Crypto Trading Platforms

By now, you should have a firm grasp of crypto trading Canada and all the details of the industry. As with any of our comparison tools, any reader can take advantage of the information presented here. The crypto markets have never been as active as they are today and there is certainly plenty of potential to invest, depending on what you are looking for. Our five-step, expert advice will help you to identify legitimate service offers out there and they should always be kept in mind when you are on the market to sign up with a new operator. If you are interested in swapping some Bitcoin to buy Ethereum, head to our cryptocurrency exchanges page.

Cryptocurrency trading can seem daunting to even the most technologically inclined traders out there. To get a rough idea of what you can expect with a broker, our Editor’s recommendation is a good place to start. Once you have got the general idea, you should browse through some of our reviews to gain a more informed opinion on the variety of offers out there. Finally, be sure to take all of this information and apply it to your own needs to determine exactly which offer out there would suit your needs best.

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