Best Crypto Trading Platforms Australia 2021

Over the past decade, crypto markets have gained an enormous amount of favour from the general public and more and more people are looking to begin cryptocurrency trading. This page details exactly how you can get your trading career started.

Crypto trading is fairly similar to the other trading instruments that are available and you will need to find a service provider before you are able to easily purchase some cryptocurrency. It is possible to avoid trading service providers altogether but this makes the entire process more complicated than it needs to be.

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Compare the Best Crypto Exchanges

Who Should Make Use Of This Crypto Trading Comparison?

As with all our review comparisons here at Bitreviews Australia, our team of experts have maintained the renowned review structure that can be seen throughout our crypto trading reviews. This allows us to numerically rate the service on offer from the various providers and determine just who is a cut above the rest. The best crypto trading platform Australia will cover all their bases when it comes to their offer and our team has enough experience within the industry to identify all the offers out there that are above the industry standard. Be sure to check out our Bitcoin wallets page before you get going as you will need an online wallet service to store all of your crypto units.

Once you have decided you are going to enter the crypto trading market, you will undoubtedly be on the lookout for a great crypto trading platform Australia. To do this, you will have to browse through our comparison to find the top offers on the market. This comparison will be presented in such a way that even a reader who has no knowledge of the industry will understand the basics of each service on offer. Experienced traders will also find that we have avoided all of the marketing gimmicks associated with each service and brought you the most crucial of details from each operator. Crypto trading Australia has never had more of an active community and it is important to be aware of all the operators out there.

If you are on the market to find another crypto trading service provider, you will be able to see the specifics of your current provider stacked up against competing operators. Newcomers can also make use of our Editor’s recommendation to get started within the industry. For this reason, our comparison of cryptocurrency trading operators is to be used by just about anyone that is interested in the industry. For customers interested in wagering some of their crypto units, head to our best crypto casino page to find out all the details.

If you would like to first get down to the basics, head to our crypto Australia home page.

Crypto Brokers Checklist: Top 5 Steps For A Secure & Fair Trading Experience

Before you commit to any service offer, it is vital to ensure that you are using an operator that is both fair and secure. There are plenty of scams and fraudsters online looking to mimic some operators and some service providers who have not gone through the necessary steps to ensure that their offer is legitimate and secure. Make use of these five steps put together by our team of experts to minimise your risk in the industry.


The first consideration any reader will have to make is the licensing that has been achieved by the online operator. These licenses are usually obtained from a regulatory body and any Australia crypto trading platform will have to be backed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) before they can be considered among the list of safe operators out there. Crypto trading is a fairly new concept, but most of the operators will also offer other trading instruments and these need to be regulated by ASIC before they have the jurisdiction to operate in Australia.


There is no better indicator of a quality service than a long history within the trading industry. If a company has been around for most of the decade, then it is likely that the service is legitimate as no major trouble has forced them to shut down. Fairly new operators can come on to the scene with little to no regulations and this allows them to have a large amount of freedom with the money you choose to deposit. Be sure to research your cryptocurrency trading options carefully before getting started. If you would like to find out about crypto mining profitability, read over our in-depth article.

Contact methods

Another clear indication of a legitimate service will be the range of contact methods that are made available to customers. This will ensure that the company can be reached if there are any issues within their service. Having a physical address will be the best option to validate their service. If you are close enough to the address, you will be able to see their headquarters before committing your fund to the service. Be sure to test out the methods for any queries you might have before you sign up.

Industry reputation

A company’s reputation within the crypto trading Australia scene will allow customers to determine if the online operator is backed by their competition on the scene. It is fairly common for an Australia crypto trading provider to be in the news or media and this will usually shed some light on the quality of their service. If they have a very negative reputation online, it is likely that they have been cutting corners with some of their customers. For an example of one operator with a good industry reputation, head to our FPMarkets crypto review page.

Customer reviews

To further determine how the Australia crypto trading platform is perceived online, it is recommended that all readers take a look through some of the customer reviews that are available. This will allow you to see if anyone else, in a similar situation, has had some trouble with the online operator. As always, online reviews tend to be quite negative so don’t make up your mind after reading one post, browse through all of the information that you can find – both negative and positive, before you decide on the operator. Check out our crypto gambling page if you are interested in some casino games that can be played with crypto units.

Editor’s Recommendation – The Best Crypto Trading Platform

To get started with a crypto trading platform Australia is not a decision that should be made very easily. You will have to be making use of your real funds to trade with the cryptocurrencies that are available with the operator and if the operator you have chosen does not manage to cover all the basics of a quality service, you will most likely be having to make your trades with high commission fees on a platform that doesn’t quite meet the industry par. To get an idea of the offers that are out there, read through our Plus500 crypto and our FXOpen crypto trading reviews. These are two reputable crypto brokers on the market.

While there are plenty of offers out there, it is always helpful finding a recommendation from an experienced person within the market. Our Editor has a wealth of trading experience and has put forth their recommendation as the best crypto trading platform to get you started. The cryptocurrency trading operator that managed to catch our Editor’s eye is none other than Etoro. Our Etoro review runs through the specifics of their service and we will briefly summarise it here. Etoro has been on the scene for more than a decade and this is testament to the quality of their service. They have one of the best trading platforms on the market and there are an enormous amount of options available to just about everyone.

While Etoro may be among the best in the industry, there are also competing offers which may be more suitable to your requirements. Be sure to browse through all of our reviews here at Bitreviews Australia before making your final decision. To get to grips with all the cryptocurrencies that are available on the market, also read over our best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

This Is How Our Experts Test Brokers

To better understand just how we arrive at our conclusions, our experts have broken down their review system for all readers to be aware of when browsing through the numerous operators on the market. To get started, we take a brief look at the history of the operator in our introduction section. We then list the pros and cons associated with their service. This should give you a glimpse of what to expect throughout the review and the details surrounding each point will be discussed. To get a glimpse at our review structure, head to our IG review or our review 2021.

Our comprehensive review sections are then conducted. The first of which is the cryptocurrencies that are offered with the crypto trading Australia service provider. We rank an operator among the best if they manage to have a large range of trading options available. Our team then evaluates the limits of the service alongside the necessary jurisdiction to operate within Australia. As with any online service, there will also be fees that are applicable to the service and our team evaluates these compared to the other offers on the market. We then take a close look at the website and platform security, usability, look and feel to ensure that your usage of the service is as smooth as possible.

The range of payment methods available have to be fairly comprehensive to ensure that all customers are able to transact with the operator. A close look is taken at the customer service team on offer and the licensing is validated according to the industry standard. Finally, we browse the web to determine the crypto trading platform Australia reputation and what customer feedback is available. This is all taken into account to produce a meaningful conclusion of the service review. To learn about other methods of crypto trading, read over our Bitcoin exchanges page.

Finding The Right Broker For You

As we have mentioned before, there are plenty of options available on the market and one service provider that works for one reader, may not be ideal for another. It is recommended that you browse through some reviews to get an idea of exactly what factors you are looking for within an online trading service. You can then use this checklist alongside our comparison to find some crypto brokers that are most suited to your trading needs.

With a list of potential operators, it is then easier to browse through the handful of operator reviews right here at Bitreviews Australia. To see an overview of the available operators on the market, head to our cryptocurrency brokers page.

Conclusion – Finding The Best Crypto Trading Platforms

To conclude our cryptocurrency trading comparison, we will run through what this article has covered. The comparison has been made in such a way that it is applicable to everyone within the industry, from newcomers to the market or experienced crypto traders, you will find all the broker details right here. Be sure to make use of our five-step system whenever you are considering an online crypto trading service. This will minimise the chance that you may lose some money unnecessarily to a fraudulent or illegitimate service.

Our recommendations and tips are offered to get any reader started within the industry but it will always be necessary to conduct as much research as possible before committing too heavily to an investment. Our Editor’s recommendation should be considered among the other offers out there and be sure to keep our review structure in mind when making your decision. At the end of the day, this decision will be completely dependent on your situation and your needs as a crypto trader.

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